Preview: This Chord and Others [The Studios 2017]

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Get ready for a blast from the past during the 2017 season of the Esplanade’s The Studios when Haresh Sharma’s 1991 play is given a new breath of life in this restaging headed by Timothy Nga!

Last performed in 2000, This Chord and Others is a comedy about friendship and identity through the eyes of three young friends: Sukdev, Gerald and Thomas. The three friends work together and enjoy spending time with one another, but when a job promotion and office talent time come between them, the men to discover new truths and challenges about their race, religion, background and friendship.

This Chord and Others is a rare comedy in Haresh Sharma’s writing career and this new staging will star Neo Hai Bin, Thomas Pang and Pavan J Singh, with creative design by Bani Haykal Mohamed, Bernice Ong, Adrian Tan, Ong Kian Peng and Koh Wan Ching.

This Chord and Others plays at the Esplanade Theatre Studio from 30 March-2 April. Tickets available here


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