Written and directed by Adib Kosnan, a local theatre practitioner with over 10 years of experience in the arts scene, Teater Kami’s latest production 28.8 follows the tale of a young couple ready to start their life together, but come to a stumbling block when money and finances throw a wrench into their plans. Adib aims to use his play to engage with a very specific target audience of young men and women of this generation who face similar financial issues and challenges living in Singapore.


Playing the young couple Nerissa and Andy are Farhana M. Noor and Al Matin Yatim. Each half of the couple has very different attitudes towards money and how they should spend or save. 28.8 then takes us on a journey through time, as we see their relationship develop and blossom before hitting various obstacles, all of which can be traced back to one thing – money. Will their relationship weather the test of time and finances? Or will the interest on their debts compound them into a bankruptcy of love?

Find out when 28.8 comes to the Aliwal Arts Centre next week.

28.8 plays at the Aliwal Arts Centre on 7 & 8 April. Tickets available here

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