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2016 has been a monstrously strong year of theatre, and as always, the Life! Theatre Awards are back to highlight and honour the best of the year. This year’s awards took place on 10 April at the Esplanade Recital Studio, and here’s the full list of the 14 award winners!

Best Supporting Actor: Lian Sutton (Electra by Cake)

Best Supporting Actress: Sukania Venugopal (Ghost Writer by The Necessary Stage)

Best Costume Design: Max Tan and Yuang Zhiying of MAX.TAN (Manifesto by Drama Box and The Necessary Stage)

Best Multimedia Design: Loo Zihan (Manifesto by Drama Box and The Necessary Stage)

Best Lighting Design: James Tan (Red Sky by Nine Years Theatre)
Best Sound Design: Philip Tan (Electra by Cake)
Best Set Design: Wong Chee Wai (The Lord Of The Flies by Sight Lines Productions and Blank Space Theatre)
Best Ensemble: Red Sky by Nine Years Theatre
Best Actor: Andrew Marko (Falling by Pangdemonium!)
Best Actress: Tan Kheng Hua (Falling by Pangdemonium!)
Best Director: Tracie Pang (Falling by Pangdemonium!)

Best Production For the Young: The Magic Lantern by Paper Monkey Theatre/Esplanade
Production of the year (Reader’s Choice): Falling by Pangdemonium!
Best Original Script: Bitch: The Origin of the Female Species by Edith Podesta

Production of the Year: Bitch: The Origin of the Female Species by Edith Podesta

The big winners this year were Pangdemonium!, whose production of Falling swept Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and proved to be the readers’ favourite by winning Production of the Year (Reader’s Choice). Having been nominated across multiple categories, Edith Podesta also walked away with the big prizes, with her play Bitch: The Origin of the Female Species, nabbing Best Original Script and Production of the Year. Other highlights included Cake Theatrical Productions’ Electra (netting Best Supporting Actor and Best Sound Design) along with Nine Years Theatre’s Red Sky (Best Ensemble, Best Lighting Design), as well as The Necessary Stage and Drama Box’s Manifesto winning Best Multimedia and Best Costume Design, and Sukania Venugopal’s Best Supporting Actress win for her performance in Ghost Writer, also by The Necessary Stage. Congratulations to all the winners!!!


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