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Preview: The Buried Moon at the Rose Playhouse


The Rose Playhouse, the London Bankside’s first Tudor theatre, is proud to present the world premiere of Laura Turner’s The Buried Moon! Directed by Almeida Theatre Resident Director Jake Smith, The Buried Moon reimagines two characters from Shakespeare’s final play – Miranda and Caliban from The Tempest. 

Set in the Lincolnshire fens which is said to have inspired Caliban, a young woman struggling to relate to her father after her mother’s death goes out to the marshes one night to take her own life. She is saved by a monstrous looking young man – Caliban – and an unlikely friendship and romance is born.

Starring Michael Kinsey as Cal and Georgina Hellier as Miranda, The Buried Moon is a fresh exploration, reimagining and re-appropriation of the Miranda/Caliban dynamic from Miranda’s perspective.

The Buried Moon plays at The Rose Playhouse, London from 3-13 May. Tickets available here


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