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Preview: Love Pings by I AM


Created by American performance artist and director Kate March, I AM is a passionate, all female creative collective based in Hong Kong that’ve won critical acclaim for their immersive and interactive theatre experiences, combining fashion, dance, live art and music that appeals to the modern, metropolitan theatre goer with their boundless imagination.

In Love Pings, the ladies of I AM narrate the story of Hong Kong’s notorious dating scene and its reliance on social media and technology. We zoom in on the story of one woman’s adventure with multiple simultaneous love interests as she tries to find meaningful and genuine connections through the ever-fuzzy world of internet dating and online communication. The question is: how many of these digital “pings” signaling real love?

Written by Kate March and directed by Nicole Garbellini, Love Pings is set to be a theatrical experience that perfectly encapsulates the trials and tribulations of the modern lover beset by the complexities of life and the befuddling world of Tinder.

Love Pings plays at The Hive Rooftop (59 New Bridge Road) on 5 and 6 May at 7pm. Tickets available from Peatix.

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