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Review: A Night At The Musical With Three Phantoms


Andrew Lloyd Webber fans were in luck this week when not one but THREE former Phantoms from Webber’s Phantom of the Opera were in town this week to perform at the musical revue A Night At The Musical with Three Phantoms. Together with an additional four performers, the unforgettable night was a series of showstopping musical numbers, cheeky stories from behind the scenes and of course, a ton of heart. VizPro really out did themselves with this show, and it paid off, having nearly sold out both shows.

Unlike your usual theatre performance, audience were in fact encouraged to take photos and videos right from the start and spread the word. In a way, it felt a lot like a big, extended family, and befriending all the great performers onstage. Much of Phantom was all about giving these actors a chance to just be themselves and show off their vocal range outside of the confines of a musical setting. With just a cello and piano as accompaniment, Phantom had a simple setup that worked for its intimate setting. The MES Theatre had amazing acoustics that allowed the performers’ voices to soar, crisply resonating throughout the space.


Standout performances included Kieran Brown’s rendition of ‘Maria’ from West Side Story, bringing out the emotions imbued in the song and it was almost as if one were watching the actual musical play out onstage. Alistair Barron sung ‘Stars’ from Les Miserables and it quite literally brought us up to cloud nine with his fantastic rendition. The entire cast came together to perform an acapella version of Les Mis’ ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ under Joel Nah’s conducting to close off the first half of the show, a grand, emotional performance that brought a tear to our eye and crave for the second half.

In the second half, the cast also showed that they could do comedy just as well as drama, as Earl Carpenter and Olivia Bereton performed ‘The Song That Goes Like This’ from Monty Python’s Spamalot, a musical that not many Singaporeans might have been familiar with. Nonetheless, Phantom proved that no matter your musical knowledge, all of it could be enjoyed on a pure level, as ‘The Song That Goes Like This’ amped up the laughs as promised by Carpenter, and made us even more enamoured by their jovial personalities. The crowning glory of the show of course, was the medley of songs from various Phantom shows, from ‘All of My Dreams Faded Suddenly’ from Ken Hill’s Phantom of the Opera, to ‘The Music Lesson/Phantom Fugue’ from Maury Yeston’s Phantom: The American Sensation, ensuring that the audience not only saw three phantoms, but quite a few Phantoms as well.

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As Earl Carpenter, Kieran Brown and David Shannon, the show’s titular Three Phantoms came together to perform the final number (‘Music of the Night’), audiences raved and cheered with thunderous applause, and the cast even came back to perform two extra encore numbers – Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin”, which got the entire audience tapping along, and ‘For Good’ from Wicked (one of our personal favourite songs of all time), performed by the three phantoms. Although typically a song sang as a duet, the new arrangement made it work, and was a perfect way to end off the night, singing of friendship and a hopeful future ahead.

A Night At The Musical With Three Phantoms is an extraordinary concert experience that gives audiences the rare chance to experience the very best of Broadway and West End, with seven amazing artists who really gave it their all and blew us away. All we ask of you if to make sure to put this on your list of must-see musical revues if it ever comes to your town for a rollicking good time.

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