Photo Credit: Pink Gajah Facebook

Sharda Maxine Harrison has always held a special place in our hearts as one of our absolute favourite people and actresses in the local theatre industry. From her performances with The Necessary Stage to her incredible work in W!ld Rice’s Hotel, Sharda has consistently impressed us with her commitment to her craft and her ability to completely transform into her characters.


Now, we’re even more proud of her for having set up her very own theatre company: Pink Gajah Theatre. Pink Gajah was founded in 2013 as a passion project by Sharda, co-creating the company with her family, including her brother Sean Harrison (as the company’s artistic director of film) and her mother Ajuntha Aswari (as the company’s Education, Health and Art Collaborator).

Sharda conducts a workshop with Yale-NUS students in 2015. Photo Credit: Pink Gajah Facebook

Pink Gajah literally means ‘pink elephant’ and takes the ‘elephant in the room’ metaphor to new levels, seeking to address the unspoken issues in society through the power of theatre and performance. With a strong focus on language and metaphor, Pink Gajah focuses on creating inter-cultural school programs, community workshops and devised theatre performances to provide a creative thinking platform for the community in order to take action, giving new artists an opportunity to shine and moving the Singapore arts scene forward.

Photo Credit: Pink Gajah Facebook

Having already produced works such as Bi(cara) for the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2016 and Temuan (the meeting) at Perth’s Fringe World Festival 2017, Pink Gajah is on a roll, continually innovating, always educating. With Pink Gajah Magic Labs, Pink Gajah will act as a platform to feature or showcase new and emerging artists, with the intention of aiding them in the creation of their original, fringe-type works.

Photo Credit: Pink Gajah Facebook 

With a new focus on education in the coming months, Sharda will be committing 100% of her energy into developing the company and growing it to new heights. As mentioned, we’re very proud of Sharda, and we can’t wait to see how Pink Gajah continues to do good things, and keep on amazing us with their verve, passion and energy. Stay tuned as we’re committed to following and supporting them every step of the way!

For more information on Pink Gajah, check out their website or Facebook

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