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Preview: The Chekhov Cycle – Ivanov by 5toMidnight


“No, Doctor, there are too many gears, screws and valves in all of us to judge at first glance, or two or three external signs. I don’t understand you, you don’t understand me, and we don’t understand ourselves”.

5toMidnight presents an all new version of Russian playwright Anton Chekhov’s classic Ivanov in its Singaporean premiere. Contextualizing it for a Singaporean audience to examine how one man battles against the pressures of how difficult it is to be anything less than a model citizen in Singapore, the young theatre company will be performing this site-specific, multilingual and multiracial production to be held at LePark, the rooftop space of People’s Park Complex in Chinatown.

With established branches in Indonesia and Taiwan, Ivanov will serve as the collective’s first foray into the Singapore theatre scene, and will act as the first installment in a five- part series of Chekhov’s major works adapted into a single, connected universe. With Chekhov having never before been localized for a Singaporean audience, join them in this historic moment as 5toMidnight paints a painful portrait of the struggle to survive in what is certainly one of the more unique theatre spaces in Singapore.

The Chekhov Cycle: Ivanov plays at LePark from 12th to 18th June. Tickets available from (If you support them at Indiegogo, you’re in for a treat!) Else you can get them at  Peatix

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