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Preview: America’s No. 1 Detective Agency by Fatale Femme


If you love film noir, then you’re certain to love a good film noir parody. This summer, new theatre company Fatale Femme presents their debut production America’s No. 1 Detective Agency, a noir comedy inspired by classic film noirs such as Mildred Pierce and The Third Man.

Written by Liv Hunterson and directed by Anna Marshall , America’s No.1 Detective Agency uses a unique fast paced form of physical theatre inspired by the pacing of noir films and the silent-era comedies of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin to tell the story of Vivian O’Connell. Vivian was a former top detective in Los Angeles, at least, until a certain case exploded and Bobby Munroe took her title, along with all the good cases and her business with it.  Determined to reclaim her title, Vivian naturally takes up a case when a distressed starlet comes asking for help.

Although inspired by the narratives of film noir, America’s No. 1 Detective Agency combines them with the wit and irreverence of comedies like The Book of Mormon, not to mention armed with an empowered female private detective who never gives up in the face of adversity. America’s Number One Detective Agency is set to be a dangerously slick and fantastically comedic outing into the world of private eyes, bloodthirsty gangsters and the dark side of Hollywood.

America’s No. 1 Detective Agency plays from 31st July – 7th August at the Drayton Arms Pub. Tickets available here

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