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SIFA 2017: Becoming Graphic by Sonny Liew and Edith Podesta (Preview)


Nabbing the coveted Singapore Literature Prize, as well as THREE Eisner Awards for his graphic novel The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye, artist Sonny Liew is set to take on a completely new medium this SIFA: the theatre.

Collaborating with award winning theatremaker Edith Podesta, Liew will be presenting an all new graphic novel-meets performance piece in the form of Becoming Graphic. Springboarding off the superhero genre, Becoming Graphic will examine the limits of even superhuman abilities when faced with the complexities of an ageing society, and the pain of immortality against surrounding mortality, as one’s loved ones slowly fade away to the ravages of time.

Together with Podesta, the two artists will create a truly unique piece of theatre where drawings and performance come together, and where word balloons and the spoken word meet. Don’t miss your chance to catch this rare opportunity to see a graphic novelist emerge from behind the pen and lend his voice to the stage.

Becoming Graphic plays at 72-13 from 17th – 20th August. Tickets available here


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