From the creators of Figs comes an all new project this August and September. make/space continues to push their experimental and ensemble work to new boundaries in their 2017 Season production in the form of forth.

forth will be make/space’s first production done without any grant funding, and promises to be an intimate piece that ruminates on isolation, loss and love. Having trained together since late last year, the ensemble seeks to discover emotional resonance through their process, never limiting the final form of the theatre piece, particularly with how they’re staging it in the non-traditional theatre space of Le Danz on 222 Queen Street.


Watch as make/space brings their first trio of plays to a close, and quietly paints a poignant picture of the tortured human soul, stretched and pulled, but strengthened further by the weight of distance and time.

Risa. Photo Credit: make/space

We also got an interview with make/space, asking a little more about their company and their forthcoming vision for its future:

1. What does forth mean, and why choose it as a title?

forth, which follows two successful full-length productions, encompasses both a sense of moving beyond as well as a sense of moving towards. With forth, make/space is taking brave, bold steps to bring a piece of work that is meaningful to us and that we hope can be meaningful to you too.

Chantal. Photo Credit: make/space

2. How do you see make/space moving forward in terms of your artistic development from here, now that you will have completed a total of three productions?

make/space is moving towards multi-disciplinary performance, something that has come up time and time again in our envisioning process. With Flicker (2015). Figs (2016) and forth, our plays have, so far, dealt with themes such as mental illness, gender performance and isolation. Deeply personal, the work reflects our perspectives as young creatives whilst circumventing formalism with ease.

We’re keen to move beyond that by evolving our style and process in order to master our craft, and hope to do so by spending the next three years experimenting broadly on a smaller scale rather than putting up productions. It’s through this process of experimentation and evolution that we hope to forge deeper collaborations with other artists, inviting them into a welcoming space for multi-disciplinary and experimental work to begin.

Anthea, Photo Credit: make/space

3. How do you feel young, up and coming theatre companies such as yourselves can be better supported, be it by the state or from the general public?

It would be helpful to have more residencies or even simply space for rehearsals, ideally for free or at highly subsidised rates! Space rental is incredibly expensive, which makes it difficult for us to offer lower ticket prices without incurring a loss. We’d also love if there were more platforms for us to receive mentorship and meet other young artists – we would love to be able to form a stronger community for young artists, through which collaborations could arise.

Finally, we hope the general public will be more open to the arts in big and small ways, and especially work created by emerging, independent artists. Please – let the arts touch, inform, and comfort you. Take a leap of faith on those still young and inexperienced. We need your help to grow into something bigger for all of us.


When: 25th – 26th August (8pm), 2nd September (3pm), 3rd September (8pm)
Where: Le Danz (222 Queen Street)
Tickets available here

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