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SIFA 2017: Trojan Women by Ong Keng Sen and the National Theater of Korea (Preview)


After the marvel that was Sandaime Richard in last year’s edition of SIFA, Ong Keng Sen rounds off his stint as Festival Director with one final hurrah in the form of Trojan Women, a contemporary Asian musical combining K-pop and the Korean traditional genre of musical storytelling – pansori.

Taking Seoul by storm at the end of 2016, Trojan Women at SIFA will mark the work’s premiere outside of Korea, and is an adaptation of Jean-Paul Sartre’s 1965 The Trojan Women, itself an adaptation of Euripedes’ Greek classic of the same name. Trojan Women reinvents the historical tale with the joint forces of pansori master Ms Anh Sook-sun and K-pop composer extraordinaire Jung Jae-Il, along with renowned Beijing choreographer Wen Hui’s signature movement work drawing inspiration from the daily lives of women, as their music and movement tell the story of women in war as they get caught up in power struggles and suffering.

As Troy loses the war, the women of Troy, including their queen Hecuba, are about to be deported as war slaves to the victors – Greece, and prepare themselves to bear witness to the true horrors that war has to offer the losers. But as history has proven, although Troy is defeated, it is never forgotten. These women are not victims – they are survivors, as audiences will bear witness to in this spectacular new version of the timeless legend.

Trojan Women will be performed in Korean with English surtitles at the Victoria Theatre from 7th – 9th September. Tickets available here

Trojan Women
When: 7th – 9th September, 8pm
Where: Victoria Theatre

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