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Review: 48 Hours to Live dir. Benny Boom


Teased as film noir meets dance, 48 Hours To Live focuses on visual and aural overload in its opening scenes, with exciting montages of a drug addled brain going into hyperdrive, reeling from the death of his sister. There are times it almost feels like an experimental film as it plays out in ‘tracks’, an extended music video for an EDM driven playlist. Essentially an update on the film noir genre for the modern, club obsessed youth, 48 Hours is a bit of a trip as we hurtle from maniac club to dark streets, almost replicating nightlife itself.


Although 48 Hours suffers from a certain amount of overacting from its cast and fast-paced editing, there’s a real story hidden beneath the neon lights and reverberating beatsAs convoluted and dark as the plot is, it’s typical of any classic film noir, and peeling back the layers of the film for what it is, one will find a surprisingly gripping story of love and betrayal that fits perfectly into any era.

Wyatt and Emma

Lead James Maslow does a good enough job of bringing across protagonist’s Wyatt’s angst and thirst for answers, although his character lacks the physical grit and world weariness to truly feel ‘noir’, while the setting of the film feels like a natural update to the monochrome noirs of the past, where villains lurk enshrouded in shady club backrooms and a primal violence lurks on the dancefloor.

Dj Muretone-1
Overall, 48 Hours To Live is a mostly enjoyable watch, if a little hard to follow. But visually, it’s always a treat and fully captures the essence of youth in fearful revolt, discovering a dark underbelly to the pleasures of the scene, complete with an earworm of a soundtrack that will please anyone who’s even the slightest bit interested in the club.

48 Hours to Live is available to watch on Digital Download from 23rd October

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