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Preview: Snow Worries presented by BASE Entertainment Asia


This Christmas, Mastercard Theatres is about to be overrun with the most un-Singaporean thing ever – Snow!

BASE Entertainment Asia presents Snow Worries, a fun, family-friendly Christmas pantomime that follows the adventures of a young boy determined to get his family back together for Christmas. Dad’s away in Dubai and snowed in, and it’s all because of the nefarious plans of the evil Ebeneeza Freeza. Hell-bent on ruining Christmas, Ebeneeza causes mayhem by turning the world topsy turvy and freezes the world over just so he can sell his latest invention – hot ice cream. To help him in his quest, along comes friendly Trevor the Snowman, Captain Fantabulous and garden gnome Lord Pilliwocket. Together, they hatch a cunning plan to foil Ebeneeza and save Christmas!

The perfect way to end off the year and welcome the holidays on a high note, bring everyone from the kids to your grandparents to catch the brrr-illiant Snow Worries this December!

Snow Worries plays at Mastercard Theatres from 9th – 10th December 2017. Tickets available from SISTIC


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