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The Changing Star: Carrie K. To Launch Modern Heirloom 2.0 This July

After the debut of their Modern Heirloom collection earlier this year, homegrown design label Carrie K. is set to launch the second instalment of the collection this July.

The Modern Heirloom collection was designed with the intent to create long lasting jewellery that would not only be passed down from generation to generation, but also remain fashionable and stylish enough to wear out, instead of sitting in a safety deposit box never to see the light of day. In the previous collection, Carrie K. was inspired by the Chinese Si Dian Jin, and in this instalment, moves on to find new inspiration in the Malay community’s culture, in this continuation of the brand’s exploration of quintessential Singapore Heritage across all races and backgrounds.

3-D printed drafts and hand-drawn sketches

This time around, the collection found a creative spark when looking to the traditional Malay Songket, taking inspiration from how the luxurious silk/cotton fabric is handwoven and intricately threaded and patterned with gold and silver. A familiar garment donned at festivals and weddings, this interweaving technique reflects the Malay spirit of “Gotong Royong” or kampung community spirit, and how there is a common thread of cultural identity amongst the people, a kind of literal social fabric if you will that reminds us of the importance of neighbourliness and togetherness.

For the collection itself, Carrie K. has chosen to focus on the specific image of the “Bintang Beralih” or literally, “Changing Star”, a star-shaped motif seen on most Malay Songkets. The collection has a total of 11 pieces and has cleverly utilised the motif across various forms of accessories, ranging from ‘Star Rings’ to “Star Studs’ to edgy ‘Star Hoop Earrings’. Across the collection, precious gems such as amethyst, topaz, moonstone, peridot and quartz are set in sterling silver or 9 karat gold with filigree detailing, calling to mind the Songket’s base fabric. There is a conscious effort to emphasise the issue of modern style with this collection, such as the inclusion of the Star Pearl Clip, which can be fitted onto a traditional pearl necklace for a new art deco twist instead of simply letting it hang loose.

Pearl Star Ring

Like the Si Dian Jin collection, there is a strong element of customisability present throughout the Changing Star collection, with stackable rings that can be adjusted and combined for any occasion, ranging from the simple Trillion Ring with a single gem embedded in the middle all the way to the statement Open Star Rings, big and sure to start a conversation. In addition, these rings are also compatible with rings from the previous Si Dian Jin collection, allowing the metaphorical interweaving and multi-ethnic mingling of cultures on your very fingers and you work to create unique styles and combinations to craft your own Singapore story.

Launching at the tail end of the Hari Raya festivities and before National Day, Carrie K.’s Changing Star collection makes for the perfect addition to the Modern Heirloom series, offering versatility to complement just about any outfit with a classy touch of glamour while celebrating our multicultural society. Having already set the foundations in place with the first instalment earlier this year, the Changing Star collection only further cements the longevity of the Modern Heirloom, and one can only expect increasingly creative takes on the theme as Carrie K. continues to explore other Singaporean cultures in the years to come.

Carrie K.’s Changing Star collection launches in July 2018. To gain VIP access to the limited launch of the new collection, sign up here

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