Working Out Together: People’s Association’s Be the ImPAct – Project Social Wellbeing

Healthy lifestyles have never been more in vogue than today. But working out alone in a gym can be both terrifying and unmotivational. That’s why the People’s Association (PA) have launched Be the ImPAct – Project Social Wellbeing.

The first event of the programme launched on Monday, 23 July 2018 with a mass workout seeing 500 participants get down and take part simultaneously in fitness activities across 10 locations. Be the ImPAct is the first activation in a series of public engagement programmes organised by imPAct@Hong Lim Green. and aims to encourage more positive social interactions and communal living in daily lifestyles with like-minded individuals.

This first event was graced by Dr Lam Pin Min, Senior Minister of State for Health and Transport, who even joined the participants in a partner-based high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout aimed to strengthen relationships between strangers and friends. Says Dr Lam: “It’s a milestone, and so important for office workers and PMETs today to keep active for their well-being. We are especially targeting the young working adults to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and use this platform to encourage working out together. It’s not only to exercise, but to interact and know one another. Also, to be a positive influence at where they work and be a great influence to their work mates.”

The event, which kicked off at 6.50pm, saw working professionals from all around Singapore, came together to take part in specially curated workouts by 11 fitness-industry partners such as CrossFit, Track-training and Functional Fitness HIITs. The workouts emphasised teamwork and partnerships to encourage a larger movement of social well-being. In a first by PA, the mass workout was streamed ‘live’ on Facebook and Instagram across 11 official social media accounts, reaching more than 10,000 fitness enthusiasts.

June, a psychologist.

One of the 11 fitness industry partners was CrossFit Mobilus, one of Singapore’s largest CrossFit facilities. Says participant June, a 32 year old psychologist who works out at Mobilus 6 times a week: “I used to come from a “normal” gym, but I found it not challenging enough. So one day, I followed my instructor and friend from the gym to workout at Mobilus, and since then, I’ve never looked back!”

June herself has even taken part in the 2018 National CrossFit championship and finished 2nd. She says: “In Mobilus, you make a lot of friends, and it ends up like a support group. Even if you don’t believe in yourself, your group will be there to support you, which then pushes you to do better and improve.”

Peter (left), a teacher

Peter Neo’s story is something quite different altogether. The 30 year old teacher used to weigh 126kg, but with the help of positive thinking and working out at Mobilus, he’s since lost half that weight and now stands at just 68kg after 1.5 years with the gym. Peter found it difficult at first, but once he got into the groove of things, slowly became increasingly used to it, and now goes to the gym about 5-6 times a week. Says Peter: “It takes a lot of determination, but someone once told me this – ‘there are twenty four hours in a day, so why can’t you dedicate just one hour to working out?’ So that’s become my mantra.”

Peter is also part of the Mobilus Fit Fam, a community that encourages each other to work out and push on. Says Peter: “If I don’t feel like going to the gym today, I’ll receive a text from the group and I’ll feel motivated to head down. And even when we finish our session at the gym, we end up sitting down, talking and having makan together like a family, which I really look forward to everytime. This year, I took part in this year’s National CrossFit Championships, and next year I want to do even better in my timings and position, and continue to achieve my fitness goals.”

Says project head of division Kenneth: “This initiative is all about getting beginners to start exercising, to encourage them by getting a big group of them to come together and start, and about building up this support system and networking so that they’ll encourage each other and keep it up.”

The first session seems like a success – strangers ended up as friends and friends, became closer than ever, as family members of the PMET community. In future, PMETs can continue to look forward to more of such public engagement programmes organised by PA in the upcoming months. This is part of the leadup before the official launch of imPAct@Hong Lim Green in 2019 – a wholly repurposed specialised Community Club which will have a tri-focal programming of community fitness, professional development and social responsibility.

For more information and updates on upcoming events, visit ImPAct@Hong Lim Green’s Facebook page




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