Dian Xiao Er: Celebrating August with A Spicy New Dish

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With 12 outlets, homegrown Chinese restaurant chain Dian Xiao Er is probably an establishment you’d have come across a couple of times while residing in Singapore. Best known for their quaint but casual dining environments perfect for family meals or big get togethers, this August, they’ve introduced a brand new dish specially for this National Day season.

Introducing the Chilli Soft Shell Crab (From $28.80), available throughout August 2018. Originally a dish served only at their sole Shanghai outlet, Dian Xiao Er has now brought this delightful, locally inspired dish back for a homecoming tour here in Singapore. The soft shell crab itself is fried to perfection, crispy all around yet leaving no oily aftertaste, and still moist and tender inside.

The crab complements the strong bold flavours of their original chili sauce, not too spicy but packed full of strong, bold flavours. Overall, it’s a good homage to our more traditional chili crab dish, given a special twist that feels both fresh yet familiar. Pairs well with some additional Fried Man Tou ($4.80 for set of 6 pieces) to soak up any additional sauce you might have left.

But of course, a meal comprising a single dish can’t possibly be enough for a celebration, and Dian Xiao Er has plenty more signature items on their menu. Take their Fish Maw Thick Soup with Seafood (From $17.60) for example – a dish that’s perfect for a special occasion, and to top it off, approved by the Health Promotion Board of Singapore as a healthy dish that even grandma can enjoy. Comes with fish maw, prawns, abalone and crab meat, resulting in a thick soup that’s brimming with flavour.

Meanwhile the Golden Lotus Root with Pumpkin (From $12) was created by Dian Xiao Er’s very own chef, a crispy side dish that’s fried well and great as an appetizer, each lotus root and pumpkin well coated in a layer of every Singapore’s favourite salted egg sauce, which isn’t too overpowering.

For something a little greener, Dian Xiao Er offers up their Homemade Wheatgrass Tofu (From $14.80), a fresh, silky homemade tofu infused with wheatgrass extract, while served with fresh seafood for a natural sweet complement to its green, vegetable taste.

Finally, Dian Xiao Er also offers up a deep fried Silver Cod Fish in Superior Soy Sauce (From $27.90). While it may be simple, the dish is fried in Dian Xiao Er’s special soy sauce and spring onions, and winds up with a very crispy skin, filled with the oily natural flavour of cod.

While National Day might be over, there’s still plenty of reasons to celebrate, and with its latest offering, alongside a diverse menu of Chinese delights, Dian Xiao Er becomes a good option to consider heading to for a casual but tasty meal together.

Chilli Soft Shell Crab available throughout August at all Dian Xiao Er outlets. For more information and list of outlets, visit Dian Xiao Er’s website here


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