#IRVINSBLOCKPARTY Celebrates Singapore’s 53rd Birthday at Plaza Singapura with All New Products


Just in time for National Day, IRVINS Salted Egg celebrates our nation’s 53rd birthday with the release of the all new Salted Egg Trio ($8), uniting all your favourite snacks into a single packet full of salted egg goodness!

In a single, convenient packet, one can find salted egg potato chips, cassava chips and fish skin, celebrating and reflecting Singapore’s diverse, multicultural society and our unique melting pot of people that forms our island home.

That’s not the only new product that was released at the Block Party though; IRVINS has also launched the all new Saiko Butter Brew ($5), exclusively available at Irvins Plaza Singapura. This unique, buttery drink was first seen retailing at Art Box 2018 (a hit), and developed after 6 months of intensive research and development. The refreshing drink infuses fragrant butterscotch into hand-brewed soda and is topped off with a layer of cream. The drink is alcohol free, and pairs well with any salted egg snack, making for a thoroughly enjoyable taste experience.

Both products were officially launched at the all new #IRVINSBLOCKPARTY pop-up event at Plaza Singapura last week, mimicking familiar Singapore icons such as HDB blocks and void deck tables.

The event offered guests not only an opportunity to purchase and sample these products, but also take part in a number of fun peripheral activities to celebrate the nation’s 53rd birthday.

Think of it like a celebratory carnival atmosphere, with arcade machines like a claw machine to catch and take home IRVINS products for yourself.

Temporary tattoos to stick onto your body and show your love for the IRVINS brand…

And en entire black and yellow foam pit to relive your childhood and wallow in as you snap selfies and relax.

IRVINS was started and run by Singapore-based Indonesian brothers Irvin and Ircahn Gunawan back in 2008, initially as a tze char restaurant before developing their unexpected mega hit salted egg snacks in 2011 and opening their very first ‘cartel’ at Vivocity. Since then, the brand has seen phenomenal success, growing rapidly to now have 7 retail outlets in Singapore, franchises in Hong Kong and the Philippines. Wherever you see an IRVINS outlet, you’re sure to see countless happy, satisfied customers hauling home entire bags of IRVINS products, because they’re THAT popular.

This August, get your salted egg game on in full as you chow down on all three of their hit snacks, and indulge in a rejuvenating cup of Saiko Butter Brew with #IRVINSBLOCKPARTY at Plaza Singapura.

IRVINS Salted Egg Trio is exclusively available from #IRVINSBLOCKPARTY (till 12th August) at Plaza Singapura B1 at $8, while the Saiko Butter Brew retails exclusively at IRVINS Plaza Singapura Basement 2 at $5 for a 350ml cup. For a full list of locations, visit their website or Facebook

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