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OSIM Singapore: A Study In Sleep


With the launch of the OSIM uLove2, OSIM Singapore decided to commission a sleep study with 300 respondents in a bid to find out the value that participants placed on sleep in relation to the impact that sleep (or the lack thereof) has on their quality of life.

The value of sleep, as we all know, is paramount, and according to the survey’s findings, 87% of respondents say that lack of sleep affects performance at work. Sleep deprivation often result in lowered productivity and a drop in work quality by 30% due to impaired decision making and a lack of innovative thinking. This often results in longer working hours to straighten out poor decisions made. Inevitably, this becomes a vicious cycle as longer working hours would lead to sleep deprivation.

The study’s key takeaways include that:

  • In general, Singaporeans valued sleep at less than $100 a month!
  • While 82% of respondents thought that sleep was important, 22% or one in four respondents said they did nothing to alleviate their sleep woes most of them citing the lack of time or that they had not thought to do anything about it.
  • A majority of 63% of participants were willing to invest less than $100 on addressing sleep issues
  • It was surprising to find that men were 13% more willing to spend more than $100 to address their sleep issues than women

It was interesting to find that despite the tangible impacts on their quality of life including work, relationships, mood and appetite, findings show that the value Singaporeans placed on sleep was of so little value. Putting that into perspective, the average expenditure on a foodcourt meal ($5) every day is approximately $420 a month!

Of course the clincher is that if you want to get a good night’s sleep. then perhaps it’s time to invest in an OSIM uLove 2 chair to sit back, relax, and allow to lull you into a well-deserved rest.

For more findings from the study, please visit uLove 2 available from OSIM. For more information, visit OSIM’s website here.


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