#PERRIERxWILD: Limited Edition Bottles Designed by Juan Travieso Up For Grabs As Perrier Goes Wild

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Hailing from France and used almost universally throughout every bar in the world, PERRIER, the world’s no.1 sparkling bottled water, has launched a brand new campaign: #PERRIERxWILD.

The campaign sees the brand collaborating with New York based abstract artist Juan Travieso, creating a series of limited edition bottle labels. On these labels, Travieso applies his signature style of geometrics meets photography and reinterprets portraits of a lion, tiger and wolf to bring out a different perspective of their beauty in the finished work.

Through these artworks, Perrier then hopes to bring the wonders of the wild into the heart of our urban jungle, bringing out the animal inside all of us to our daily lives. These limited edition bottles are now available with the purchase of any #PERRIERxWILD Cocktail or Mocktail offered at local participating bars such as Antoinette, Casa Poncho and Oxwell & Co, all of which are of course, made with Perrier sparkling water.

Oxwell & Co.

Special #PERRIERxWILD cocktails include the tropical, Mount Gay rum-based Wild Colada ($20++) at Oxwell & Co, as well as theSan Souci ($14) from Casa Ponchothe, a smooth concoction with a mezcal joven espadin base. Meanwhile, for the kids and teetotallers, one can head over to Antoinette to grab the whimsical Blue Romance ($8) mocktail, which mixes blue pea extract, peach, yuzu and Perrier®.


At the launch party held at the Funan Showsuite, guests got a chance to take a walk on the wild side with a special GIF photobooth set up to capture one’s face at its most wild, while one could also discover their inner mixologist and try their hand at creating their own cocktail. The event also showcased a selection of innovative canapes, Perrier cocktails, and even a performance featuring dancers dressed in animal outfits taking to the stage and showing off their moves.

Find the soul of the jungle in the everyday with PERRIER and Juan Travieso as they present #PERRIERxWILD for that extra boost of confidence.

For more information, visit Perrier’s website here

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