Incredible Bingo Wins

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the United Kingdom, and its popularity has only increased following the introduction of online bingo from bookmakers such as Paddy Power and William Hill. It’s common for players to win a little bit here and there, but it isn’t very often that players take home a life-changing amount. But here we will take a look at some of the biggest wins in bingo and who knows? Maybe you could be next?

Soraya Lowell – £1.2 million

In 2008 Soraya Lowell of South Lanarkshire, Scotland won a massive £1.2 million jackpot at her local Club 3000 hall. She didn’t keep all the money as she had an agreement with her neighbour and bingo partner Agnes O’Neil to split any winnings. Unfortunately Agnes passed away not long after receiving her share, having been poorly for a number of years prior to the win.

Despite having £600k in the bank, things didn’t stay rosy for Lowell, a former cleaner, as she filed for bankruptcy four years later because of an unpaid council tax bill. It’s a sad end to what was a fairy-tale story and is a warning to all those who win big, make sure you know how to handle your money when you have it.

Lisa Potter – £1.3 million

It was in 2012 when the European Championships were on that Lisa Potter won a £1.3 million jackpot on the bingo. While her partner was engulfed in the football, Lisa, who was fed up of being ignored, decided to spend her free time playing online bingo.

It took a £5 bet for her to win the jackpot and transform her life forever. Potter, from Witney, Oxfordshire, was a struggling single mum before meeting her partner and winning the Ladbrokes online bingo game. With three children, this win ensured security for her family and allowed the children’s future to be secure. She doesn’t plan on squandering her money but has bought a new house and a new car with her winnings.

Georgios M – £5.1 million

A step up in the jackpot won, a Greek man known as Georgios M scooped a £5.1 million win on the bingo. There is very little information as to who the Greek man is, the only thing known is that he was 36 years old when he won and was a local businessman.

Trying to find out what he’s done with his winnings since then is difficult with the known information, but we can only assume his business has grown.

Honourable Mention: John Orchard – £5.9 million

In December 2012, John Orchard’s life was changed forever when he won a massive £5.9 million from just 30p. Although his win is bigger than the others on this list, he didn’t actually win it playing bingo. Instead he was playing a slots game based on the Batman film – The Dark Knight. 

The 60-year-old, who won the jackpot on Butlers Bingo, upgraded his car from a Renault Clio to a £40,000 Jaguar XF. As you would expect, he resigned from his job and used the money to celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary to wife Linda in style.

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