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Design Orchard: Bringing Design To New Heights with Technology

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In partnership with Silversea Media Group, Design Orchard takes its design to new heights with brand new retail technologies this April to showcase new frontiers in virtual reality (VR), as well as scent technology, to elevate the shopping experience.

From 5th to 21st April, a virtual replica of the Design Orchard store will be available to browse, as shoppers can simply access more information about their favourite products with just a tap of a button on your devices. To make this technology accessible to the public, the retail space will be scanned and reconstructed with Silversea’s proprietary 3D Pro camera, and one only has to visit the Design Orchard website at Through the experience, expect to play a little Easter egg hunt at the Design Orchard Store itself (at Plaza Singapura), playing a VR game to find special easter eggs hidden all around the store. Participants stand to win a secret mystery prize.

In addition, local scent masters Oo La Lab will also be present at Design Orchard to teach you how you can design your own scent, now with new and exclusive scent notes, Vetiver and Pina Colada. Shoppers will even be able to incorporate Design Orchard’s signature scent, available exclusively for customisation in-store for a limited time only. Once again integrating the experience with technology, shoppers can bring their fragrances to life by making their selection via iPad and waiting for their scent to be prepared fresh on the spot.

Be sure to also keep a look out for Oo La Lab x Design Orchard’s unique scented bubble machines near the main entrance – with each bubble infused with Design Orchard’s scent, Design Orchard brings you an exciting new experience this month with yet another cool thematic activations that breathes new life into the quintessential Singaporean shopping belt.

Design Orchard is located at 250 Orchard Road, with the event running from 5th to 21st April 2019. For more information, visit their Facebook 

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