Benefits Of Using Hotel Comparison Websites

What are the benefits of using hotel comparison websites?

Unless you have weeks or even months to devote to a 24/7 research project looking at every single hotel that exists we must rely on some other way of finding which is the best hotel to meet our individual needs.

This could involve a general internet search for leads, or asking people who live in the destination country/area (via social media platforms like Facebook) for ideas and advice. Whether this will produce much in the way of useful leads is difficult to know as you can’t necessarily trust the responses.

A study showed that Europeans often spend more time chasing down a deal on airline flights than they sped flying in the actual aircraft; so why bother wasting your time and energy when there is a much more reliable and useful solution in the form of hotel comparison websites. There are lots around, and here we look at some of the key advantages and benefits of using good hotels comparison website to find and secure your next reservation.

Benefit #1 – No more price confusion

There are a handful of factors which influence hotel prices on any particular day, especially on sites featuring hotels which alter the rates based on perceived demand, such as the time of year, day of month, or even the hour of the day you are looking, or if any special events planned in a location will increase demand for accommodation.

Trying to track prices in conditions like this some is a fruitless and frustrating task, but hotel comparison websites can do the work for you.

Benefit #2 – A variety of promotions

There are always plenty of deals around, but finding them is a time-consuming task for regular people. Hotel comparison websites are more likely to pick up on these and feature them in their regularly updated web copy.

Benefit #3 – Exclusive room access

Some hotels reserve rooms especially for booking site, so when using a hotel comparison website you may come across a room vacancy not available elsewhere.

Benefit #4 – Loyalty points

Not all hotel comparison websites offer loyalty schemes but they are definitely worth looking out for. As always, it’s worth double checking there are realistic benefits to joining this kind of scheme – it would be pointless paying over the odds for a hotel room just to grab a few points. The rewards on offer should be both attractive and usable.

Benefit #5 – Good levels of customer protection

The best hotel comparison websites feature deals with excellent perks like ‘book now and pay later’ which offer maximum flexibility for the traveler. Others have generous cancellation and refund schemes in place.

Benefit #6 – Specialist markets

Alongside general hotel comparison websites there are some which focus on niche bookings. This could be those made close to the date of travel, adult exclusive or luxury venues only, or via lucky dip style where a hotel is allocated to you based on the criteria you input.

So here are the top six benefits that hotel comparison websites offer, why not make the most of them yourself.


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