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Getting Technical: SITEX 2019 – Your Digital Playground (Preview)


In a single calendar year, Singapore plays host to countless exhibitions and events. But of them all, perhaps one of the most interesting ones has to be SITEX. Returning for its 2019 edition this November at Singapore Expo, SITEX maintains its claim as Singapore’s only consume lifestyle IT exhibition, bigger and better than ever before.

This year, the exhibition takes on a refreshed concept, with more product offerings themed according to four lifestyle categories. Conceptualised as a ‘Digital Playground’, SITEX introduces two new zones this year – the Health and Wellness Zone and the Travel Tech & Portable Audio Zone, in addition to the Smart Home and Living, and Gaming Zones to address the modern person’s lifestyle habits and interests, as presented in an immersive and innovative space for all to experience technology.

The new Health and Wellness zone features a wide variety of the latest fitness gear and equipment to complement any and all regimes. Guests will learn how technology can be incorporated into daily workouts with Fight Zone, a Muay Thai fitness studio that use wearables such as heart rate monitors to provide customers with real-time analytical data to enhance their workout. In the field of recovery, join stretching specialists Dr.stretch and learn how to access their core muscles to increase flexibility, reduce pain and speed-up muscle recovery.

Over at the Travel Tech and Portable Audio Zone, the active individual can find an extensive range of products that cater to the active individual, from wireless audio paraphernalia and to the latest gadgets to make your commute more enjoyable and even more environmentally sustainable.Other exhibitors include TPG, Singapore’s 4th mobile operator, electric car sharing service BlueSG, and smartphone makers vivo.

The revamped Gaming Zone now focuses on millennial engagement and creating an immersive family experience. The zone will feature e-sports activities and gaming opportunities, along with interactive sessions for families to enjoy together. Participants can experience both virtual and tactile gaming environments catered to all ages in a world of mixed reality, while East Asia Institute of Management (EAIM) will hosting an Ultimate Digital Art & Technology Battle Arena 2019 for aspiring artists to display their talents. For the vintage lovers, look out for a celebration of classic games at RetroDNA’s Free Play Zone, while The Battle Arena will see talents fight it out in categories including Digital Speed Painting, Digital Illustration, Game Design and Prototype.

Says Saw Ken Wye, Chairman of SGTech: “We are extremely proud of our partnership with SingEx these past thirty-one years. With the rapid growth and evolution of technology, both SGTech and SingEx are committed to bring Tech to the masses and provide a platform for future tech leaders to showcase their innovations. We need to embrace the digital era and SITEX offers the perfect opportunity for us to reach out to the community and provide a meaningful experience for families from all walks of life.”

Attendees can also immerse themselves in the Smart Home and Living Zone, showcasing integration of smart technology into everyday life to enhance one’s quality of living. ViewQwest will be providing plans and products, along with the NETGEAR Orbi Smart Speaker bundle to start on your smart and savvy digital experience at home. Attendees can also expect to see Dreamcore showcasing their step by step process of configuring a
custom PC that suits each user’s specific needs.

Says said Mr. James Boey, Executive Director of SingEx Exhibitions:“SITEX is more than just about introducing the latest technology and trendworthy gadgets. It is about providing an innovative lifestyle platform that makes coming to SITEX a fun, immersive and interactive experience. SingEx continually refines the art of creating an immersive
experience which integrates technology into the lives of consumers by getting to the heart of their desires and inspirations through SITEX 2019.”

SITEX 2019 takes place from 28th November to 1st December 2019 at Singapore Expo Halls 5-6. For more information, visit their website here

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