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Massage Dreams Come True with All-New OSIM uDivine V


From home-grown wellness brand OSIM comes its latest invention in massage technology, with the brand new massage chair: the OSIM uDivine V. Designed for a new generation of hustlers who aspire to dream big, break boundaries and live life to its fullest, the uDivine V brings a new world of dream-like rejuvenation through cutting-edge massage technologies like the V Hand™ Technology with 720° roller balls , 4-Hands Massage, downloadable massage programs, and a suite of customisable manual massage options and professional massage programs, all melded into one single massage chair.

To mark the launch of the Dream Series, OSIM has announced JJ Lin as the global ambassador of uDivine V. One of the most celebrated names in the local music scene, Lin has since risen to become a star on the international stage with his record-breaking album sales and concert tours, With his dreams having come true, Lin then is the perfectly encapsulation of the uDivine V in the Dream Series, and marks him as the first Singaporean to join the OSIM family of renowned ambassadors such as Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng and Lee Min Ho.

Says Lin: “I am looking forward to my first collaboration with OSIM – they are a home-grown Singapore brand that has pushed boundaries in cutting-edge innovation and has
since gained recognition globally. This is something I can resonate with. In this collaboration, we come together to inspire and motivate our new generation that, dreams do come true, as long as you are willing to embrace and pursue them.”

The new machine focuses on 5Cs, namely – Comfort, Care, Capability, Contentment and Colours. Distinct to the chair is the V Hand™ Technology with 720° Roller Balls, emulating the skilful techniques and flexibility of a masseuse’ hands for a realistic grip. The 720° Roller Balls rotate 360° in both directions, rolling along contours of the body, rubbing down to every bit of the tired muscles, elevating user satisfaction to the next level.

Together with the V Hand technology with 720° Roller Balls, OSIM uDivine V is also built
with 4-Hand massage technology modelled after the highly coveted synchronised 4 hand massages by luxurious spa, rejuvenating the upper and lower parts of the body, giving an amazing feeling of relaxation, easiness and inner tranquility.

Coming with their signature set of massage programmes, users can look forward to personalised massages with the Intelligent Auto Shoulder Detection Feature, providing a massage based on the height and build of each individual. Users can also enjoy an ever-expanding suite of new massage programs and elevate their massage experience by simply downloading and synchronising the new massage programs to the chair with the OSIM uDivine V app. These are designed by resident Japanese Chiropractic Massage Expert, Sato Tsuyoshi, known for his knowledge on designing effective, enjoyable lifestyle massage programs that target your pain points to deliver a precise massage each time.

The chair also offers head-to-toe care for complete relaxation in different massage intensities, massage techniques and roller positions, providing endless massage combinations via the manual massage settings. Take full advantage of its recline features to reach one’s preferred angle or adjust the expandable side panels and extendable foot massager as well to get a massage perfect for any and every member in the family.

Plus, be sure to use the eye massager that comes with the uDivine V, allowing you relief from our regular use digital electronic devices leaving strain and fatigue on our eyes, to be done concurrently while you enjoy a head-to-toe full body massage session, along with some soothing warmth on the back that helps loosen stiff muscles and joints.

Even your massage can become an entertainment system, with in-built speakers allowing users to indulge in a massage accompanied by melodious music. Choose your favourite colour and enjoy the minimalistic, streamlined design accented with modern polished chrome and V-shaped patterned leatherette, creating a sense of modernity that embodies the new generation.

Says OSIM CEO Mr Charlie Teo: “uDivine V is designed specially for people in this busy digital age, for a better quality of life by eliminating the stress that comes from piling workload, increasing use of digital devices etc, that actually strains not just the eyes, but also creating tensions in muscles, around the shoulder and neck areas especially. OSIM commits to help the dream chasers of the new generation to reinvigorate the body, mind
and soul. With a rested body and soul, one can go forth and pursue their biggest dreams”.

OSIM uDivine V is available now from OSIM stores or online here. Preview Promotion price at $3,599.00 from now till 27th October 2019 (UP $4999). 36 months instalment plan available from $99 per month.

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