Health Is Wealth: Dr Scinn Aesthetics at the grand opening of Scinn Medical Centre’s brand new facility

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A subsidiary of Mary Chia Holdings, Dr Scinn Aesthetics has opened to complement the offerings of Scinn Medical Centre, offering safe and comfortable, non-invasive, non-surgical aesthetic procedures for customers. A one-stop medispa, the launch coincided with the grand opening of Scinn Medical Centre’s sprawling, new 2,300 sq ft facility at TripleOne Somerset, which will also accommodate Dr Scinn Aesthetics.

Says Wendy Ho, CEO of Mary Chia Holdings: “Scinn Medical Centre and Mary Chia Holdings have consistently been in the forefront of aesthetics technology in Singapore, often being the first to introduce start-of-the-art technology and equipment. The opening of our new facility and the advent of Dr Scinn Aesthetics will help us bring the latest advancements in aesthetic developments to a larger group, while our constant adherence to stringent safety standards will see us continue to provide the best and safest beauty treatment for all our clients, many of whom have been loyal to us for years.”

Scinn Medical Centre’s bigger and bolder new facility would mean it can serve its clients more effectively with its signature technologies, among which are PDRN Skin Brightening, HIFU Skin Tightening and Carbon Laser Skin Purifying. Trying out the Carbon Laser Skin Purifying Treatment for ourselves, we were pleasantly surprised when the treatment took just about an hour from start to end (compared to the usual 2-3 hours one would take for treatments outside). The treatment itself comprises of carbon cream applied to the skin, helping absorb impurities which are then eliminated via laser. The treatment stimulates collagen production, reduces acne breakouts, and unclogs pores while reducing the size of these. It also helps lighten pimple marks and pigmentation, improving skin tone while eliminating fine lines. This pain-free treatment has zero downtime, and is perfectly designed to counter acne, blackheads, larges pores and oily skin.

Dr Hoe Ying Min

And all of this is done by the very talented Dr Hoe Ying Min, Scinn’s resident doctor. Having graduated with a medical degree from the National University of Singapore, Dr Hoe alsoholds a graduate diploma in aesthetic medicine with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) and is certified by the Ministry of Health’s accredited bodies under the Singapore Medical Council’s Aesthetics Dermatology Education Group for various aesthetics procedures. Passionate about beauty since her medical school years, Dr Hoe’s interests in reconstructive surgery and facial plastics had led to electives with esteemed facial plastic surgeons, and even seeing her practise otolaryngology in various public hospitals.

Before the treatment, Dr Hoe personally takes the time to assess your skin and find out the best treatment for you, before allowing you to make a decision whether you want it or not. Unlike some other skin centres, Scinn is never there to hard sell you any treatments or products, giving you what you need without all the gimmicks. In Dr Hoe’s safe and capable hands, one feels absolutely comfortable as she performs the treatment herself. Emphasising the importance of bringing out the best in ourselves with such treatments and living better lives with the help of technology and medicine, Dr Hoe says: “A person’s appearance would affect his or her confidence, Here at Scinn, we do our best to bring out the most beautiful side of you and preserve the essence of this beauty over time with state-of-the-art technology and the industry’s best practices. Because beauty is never just skin deep.”

Meanwhile, Dr Scinn Aesthetics is set to cater to the young, modern, beauty-savvy millennial, offering treatments employing FDA-approved state-of-the-art technology and equipment for non-invasive and non-surgical bespoke procedures to suit all skin, facial and body types. They are also set to introduce the latest revolutionary treatment in skincare in Singapore – “Venus Versa”, a multi-application platform for non-invasive aesthetic procedures such as skin resurfacing, photo facial and hair removal here in Singapore. Prices start from $120.00.

Adds Ms Wendy Ho: “In the four years since Scinn Medical Centre was launched, we have seen an increasing number of busy, young individuals who care about their appearance, many of whom are at the beginning of their careers, with a bright and promising future ahead of them. Dr Scinn Aesthetic caters to this group of individuals – providing safe treatments with the best technology, without downtime, and in a comfortable, modern environment. The advancements in research and testing also mean that these treatments have proven results, which the sophisticated modern individual will definitely appreciate.”

Scinn Medical Centre/Dr Scinn Aesthetics is located at #04-14 and #04-12/13, TripleOne Somerset Singapore 238164. For more information, visit their websites at and


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