Garden By The Bay’s Rhodendron Radiance shows off over 80 varieties of rhododendrons

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For the first time in Singapore, visitors to Gardens by the Bay’s Flower Dome will get to experience the lush blooms of more than 80 varieties of rhododendrons, which have been brought in for the inaugural Rhododendron Radiance floral display. Rhododendron Radiance will run from today until 28th October.

Rhododendrons are flowering bushes well-loved by gardeners around the world for their showy flowers that bloom in clusters, and run the gamut of colours from red and pink, to yellow and white.

Some of the varieties of rhododendrons to look out for are Rhododendron ‘Mount Loma Prieta’ which has striking pink flowers with apricot-yellow centres; Rhododendron ‘Meadow Lemon’, whose red-hued buds eventually become pale yellow flowers; and Rhododendron ‘Sierra Sunset’, whose bold blooms combine orange, yellow and cream tones.

The floral display also features more than 10 varieties of azaleas, a close cousin of the rhododendron. These rhododendrons and azaleas were brought in from New Zealand. Due to its location in the Southern Hemisphere, New Zealand’s four seasons run counter to countries in the Northern Hemisphere, such as those in Europe and East Asia, as well as North America.

Spring in New Zealand begins in September, which is when the rhododendrons in the country’s renowned parks and gardens bloom. With perpetual spring in the climate-controlled Flower Dome, visitors to Flower Dome will get to enjoy the beautiful rhododendrons of New Zealand the same time that New Zealanders are experiencing these blooms.

Visitors will also get to see Gardens by the Bay’s bear mascots enjoying outdoor activities amidst the masses of brightly-coloured flowers. See the eight bears try their paws at camping, fishing, zip-lining and even hot air ballooning – activities reminiscent of the outdoor life in the national parks of New Zealand.

Rhodendron Radiance runs at Gardens by the Bay’s Flower Dome from 27th September to 28th October 2019. More details available from their website here

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