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Television Time: BBC Shows November 2019


This November, come marvel at planet Earth’s amazing biodiversity in BBC’s latest natural history series, Seven Worlds, One Planet, join chef Gordon Ramsay as he attempts to help more struggling restaurants in Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hrs to Hell and Back S2, and follow comedian Romesh Ranganathan as he takes us to more unusual holiday destinations in The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan S2.


Seven Worlds, One Planet

Millions of years ago incredible forces ripped apart the Earth’s crust creating our seven continents – each with its own distinct climate, its own distinct terrain and its own unique animal life. From the colourful paradise of South America to the scorching heat of Africa, Seven Worlds: One Planet showcases the true character of each continent in turn and reveals just how it has shaped all life there. Be surprised by unexpected stories. Marvel at iconic landscapes. And be awestruck by spectacular wildlife. Seven Worlds: One Planet is an eye-opening journey around a world you thought you knew.

Available on BBC Earth (StarHub Channel 407) and BBC Player.

Animal Babies: First Year On Earth

Remarkable behaviour. Emotional stories. Scientific revelations. First Year on Earth follows the dramatic lives of six baby animals as they grow up and experience their first 12 months in the wild. A baby mountain gorilla navigates the labyrinth of the forest. A young elephant learns how to tell friend from foe. And a litter of Arctic fox cubs race to become self-sufficient before the cruel winter closes in. With intimate access and expert knowledge, this series casts a new light on the worlds of animal infants, troops and clans – and how human actions are shaping the challenges they face.

Catch the premiere of Animal Babies: First Year On Earth on Wednesday, 13th November 2019 at 8.05pm. Available on BBC Earth (StarHub Channel 407) and BBC Player.

Sacred Wonders

Explore what people do for their faith in some of the most stunning sites of worship on the globe. From Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world, to one of the oldest synagogues on Earth; from the Sikhs’ sacred Golden Temple in Amritsar to the Shinto shrines at the Nachi waterfall in Japan. Earth’s Sacred Wonders uncovers the astonishing deeds of devotion and physical challenges still performed today. An entire town gathers to re-plaster the world’s largest mud mosque, and Spanish worshippers carry impossibly heavy floats to the Seville Cathedral. Discover the remarkable acts of faith performed at some of the planet’s most iconic landmarks.

Catch the premiere of Sacred Wonders on Sunday, 17th November 2019 at 10pm. Available on BBC Earth (StarHub Channel 407) and BBC Player.


Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hrs to Hell and Back S2

Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back returns for a second series, as Chef Gordon Ramsay tries to bring struggling restaurants back from disaster – in just 24 hours.

Catch the premiere of Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hrs to Hell and Back S2 on Monday, 11th November 2019 at 11.05pm, Available on BBC Lifestyle (StarHub Channel 432) and BBC Player.

Shop Well For Less S3

Steph McGovern and Alex Jones are on a mission to help families change the way they shop without changing their lifestyle.

Catch the premiere of Shop Well For Less S3 on Friday, 29th November 2019 at 9.15pm. Available on BBC Lifestyle (StarHub Channel 432) and BBC Player.



Manhunt is a gripping mini-series based on the true story of a murder investigation that kept the people of Britain on the edge their seats and defined a detective’s career.

Starring Martin Clunes (Doc Martin) as DCI Colin Sutton, the story begins in August 2004 when a young woman’s body is found. Sutton is appointed senior investigating officer, but initially struggles: there’s no forensics, motive or witnesses. Painstaking detective work finally delivers a suspect – Levi Bellfield. But now the hunt is on for enough evidence to arrest him and make sure he’s found guilty at trial.

Catch the premiere of Manhunt on Friday, 1st November 2019. Available on BBC First (StarHub Channel 502) and BBC Player.


Jane Austen’s unfinished last novel comes vividly to life in this bold and brilliant adaptation. Sanditon’s a place that’s changing fast. This once sleepy fishing village is transforming into a fashionable spa resort. Changing alongside it is the impulsive and unconventional Charlotte Heywood, who swaps her quiet rural home for the intrigues and dalliances of a seaside town on the make. The plot twists and turns as it exposes the hidden agendas of characters whose fortunes depend on Sanditon’scommercial success.

Catch the premiere of Sanditon on Friday, 8th November 2019. Available on BBC First (StarHub Channel 502) and BBC Player.


Mark Strong stars as Daniel Milton, a talented and successful surgeon. Following a personal tragedy (dying wife) that shatters his comfortable life, Daniel partners up with a lonely yet resourceful man named Lee to start a literal ‘underground’ clinic, situated in the vast labyrinthine network of tunnels and spaces beneath London (Temple Station). There Daniel treats all those who cannot, or will not, seek more legitimate means of healthcare: criminals, illegal immigrants. Daniel and Lee are soon joined in the bunker by Anna, a guilt-ridden medical researcher; and Jamie, a young fugitive bank robber who’s in way over his head. The good doctor must do his best to juggle this misfit team and their needs alongside those of an illegal clinic and its increasingly unpredictable clientele.

Catch the premiere of Temple on Friday, 22nd November 2019. Available on BBC First (StarHub Channel 502) and BBC Player.


The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan S2

Comedian and self-confessed coward Romesh Ranganathan is, once again, traveling to some of the world’s most unlikely holiday destinations. He’s heading to countries including Mongolia, Zimbabwe, Colombia and Bosnia to find out whether there’s more to these places than negative headlines and if they might in fact be perfect holiday spots. There’s only one problem. Romesh can barely negotiate a travel plug, let alone a hostile foreign situation – so he’s going to need a local host to help him out. Romeshencounters extraordinary characters, bizarre subcultures and surprising shared passions. If he could only find a vegan meal, he might learn to love this life of adventure.

Catch the premiere of The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan S2 on Thursday, 7th November 2019. Available on BBC Brit, exclusively on BBC Player.


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