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Television Time: BBC Shows – March 2020


This March on the BBC, put your hippo knowledge to the test and discover the lesser-known side of these amazing creatures in Hippos: Africa’s River Giants, go on a road trip with Hairy Bikers Si and Dave in Hairy Bikers Route 66, and join BAFTA TV Award Winner Molly Windsor as she attempts to uncover the truth behind her mother’s murder in Traces.


How Did They Build That?

From an underground luxury hotel in China to an elevator ride to the top of the world, a bent copper-covered Manhattan skyscraper to the a 500m sky garden in Singapore, this brand new 8 part series celebrates some of the most incredible feats of engineering that beg the question: How Did They Build That?

Catch the premiere of How Did They Build That on 5th March 2020 at 9.55pm.
Available on BBC Earth (StarHub Channel 407) and BBC Player.

Hippos: Africa’s River Giants

The hippo. A territorial beast that spends most of its time in water. An aquatic mammal that can’t swim. A two-tonne hulk that can sprint faster than a human. And a seemingly placid oaf that guards its family with fierce cunning. Using specialist camera technology to get up close and personal with hippos for the very time, this film follows these animals through the seasons in the Okavango Delta. It reveals that while hippos may be boisterous, aggressive and bold, they are also sensitive, sociable and often comical. An intimate, immersive portrayal revealing a side of hippos never seen – or heard – before.

Catch the premiere of Hippos: Africa’s River Giants on 9th March 2020 at 8.05pm.
Available on BBC Earth (StarHub Channel 407) and BBC Player.

Life Below Zero – Series 7

Follow the further icy adventures of Life Below Zero’s resilient characters as the series charts their day-to-day lives in Alaska. In an increasingly unpredictable Arctic climate, they must quickly adapt to the changing landscape in their quest for freedom and survival. Sue is preparing herself for an increasingly uncertain future, Jessie and his dog team are getting ready for their second 1,000 mile Iditarod sled race, and unusual weather conditions are hampering the Hailstone’s harvest of vital resources. Andy continues to teach Denise essential bush survival skills, and Ricko shows his children the importance of carrying on the skills Athabaskan way of life.

Catch the premiere of Life Below Zero – Series 7 on 23th March 2020 at 9.55pm.
Available on BBC Earth (StarHub Channel 407) and BBC Player.

Earth’s Tropical Islands

Three iconic islands. Madagascar. Borneo. Hawaii. Each a contained ecosystem, cut off from the mainland. Rich in extraordinary wildlife and human cultures, these islands are also some of the most fragile places on Earth. Madagascar’s extreme landscapes have given rise to the largest collection of unique animals found on any island, including its famous lemurs. Borneo is home to swimming monkeys, flying snakes and giant carnivorous plants – only the most tenacious can survive its streaming jungles and high mountains. Colonising the isolated dots of land that make up Hawaii has been its wildlife’s greatest challenge. But for those whales, albatross and caterpillars who did succeed, it’s a real-life paradise.

Catch the premiere of Earth’s Tropical Islands on 30 March 2020 at 8.05pm.
Available on BBC Earth (StarHub Channel 407) and BBC Player.


George Clarke’s Old House New Home – Series 3

This third-series of the architect and TV property expert’s popular interiors series unlocks the potential of more homes with history. Britain has some of the most beautiful historic houses in the world, but the way homes were built years ago just doesn’t work for families today. George guides homeowners through their design dilemmas, suggesting stylish solutions for their period properties and creating stunning homes fit for 21st century living. Featuring two very different makeovers each episode this series proves that, with the right design advice, you can create a perfect blend of old and new.

Catch the premiere of George Clarke’s Old House New Home – Series 3 on 12th March 2020 at 9.20pm. Available on BBC Lifestyle (StarHub Channel 432) and BBC Player.

Hairy Bikers Route 66

The Hairy Bikers (Si King and Dave Myers) embark on their most iconic road trip to date – America’s Route 66, to celebrate the food, history and culture that lies within this rich, rustic part of US.

Catch the premiere of Hairy Bikers Route 66 on 17th March 2020 at 7.25pm.
Available on BBC Lifestyle (StarHub Channel 432) and BBC Player.


Midsomer Murders – Series 21

Midsomser Murders is back with a new array of whodunits set in bizarre worlds populated by interestingly eccentric characters, where the plots are interwoven with red herrings. In this series, DCI Barnaby explores the world of robotics and sashays through the competitive world of ballroom dance. He comes up against the superstitious men and women of the professional angling community and hopes to avoid a sticky end when confronted by a fanatical beekeepers.

Catch the premiere of Midsomer Murders – Series 21 on 6th March 2020.
Available on BBC First (StarHub Channel 502) and BBC Player.


Twenty-three-year-old chemistry graduate Emma Hedges has got a new job at The Scottish Institute of Forensic Science and Anatomy. Excited, and keen to boost her knowledge, she joins an online forensic science course. But the case study it features – a women’s remains discovered on Dundee Law – is eerily former. She knows this story. It’s her story. Eighteen years ago, that’s how her mother’s body was found. The strange coincidence is the push she needs: it’s time to finally uncover the truth about what happened to her mum.

With help from her new bosses – two eminent forensic scientists – and a committed detective, Emma follows the trail of evidence from all those years ago. It leads her to new love and old friends, before plunging her into a live police investigation. This is a world of danger and deceit. Will Emma have the nerve to follow the evidence no matter where it takes her?

Catch the premiere of Traces on 13th March 2020. Available on BBC First (StarHub Channel 502) and BBC Player.

Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators – Series 3

Combining corpses, comedy and cracking mysteries, this quirky crime drama has won the hearts of over 200 countries. Now that Lu has passed her private investigator exams and Frank’s tidied himself up a bit, there’s no stopping them. But murder, kidnap, blackmail and infidelity still abound in the pretty tourist town of Stratford-upon-Avon. An ageing heavy metal star with a pact with the devil. A Shakespeare museum full of deadly secrets. A King Lear story set in a carpet warehouse. Welcome to the birthplace of the Bard, where low-life criminals get caught up in deliciously high drama.

Catch the premiere of Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators – Series 3 on 20th March 2020. Available on BBC First (StarHub Channel 502) and BBC Player.

Call The Midwife – Series 9

January 1965. As the nation mourns the death of Winston Churchill, tower blocks multiply, and a new East End rises from the ashes of the old. Society becomes more prosperous, but more complex. The Nonnatus House team of medics and midwives face unexpected challenges as the population shifts, rules change, and old diseases come back to haunt them. Alongside the joy and optimism of birth, they must cope with cases including diphtheria, drug abuse, cancer, tuberculosis, and fistula. As well as getting to grips with the real-world events unfolding around them – from serious political developments to the latest music, movies and fashion.

Catch the premiere of Call The Midwife – Series 9 on 27th March 2020. Available on BBC First (StarHub Channel 502) and BBC Player.


The Catherine Tate Show – Series 3

Catherine Tate, winner of the 2004 British Comedy Award for Best Comedy Newcomer, returns with her popular sketch show featuring an extraordinary gallery of comic characters. From ‘Am I bovvered?’ teenage nightmare Lauren to the seemingly pleasant ‘Cockney Nan,’ who just happens to be a foul-mouthed racist, this brilliantly observed series takes characters from everyday life, parodied to the extreme as the talented actress morph through ages, accents and wigs. This series introduces a brand new set of characters plus all her favourites are back in force, cementing Catherine Tate’s position as one of Britain’s hottest comic talents.

Catch the premiere of The Catherine Tate Show – Series 3 on 2nd March 2020.
Available on BBC Brit and exclusively on BBC Player.

Sick Of It – Series 2

Surreal, joyful, poignant, and peppered with Karl’s trademark wit and comic philosophising, series 2 plunges us further into the world of the lovable loser with a weakness for biscuits. When his elderly aunt Norma hires a young sparky care worker – Ruby, Karl feel pushed out and embarks on some soul-searching. He comes to the realisation that he needs to do more with his life and tries to overcome his low self-esteem and anxiety issues to better himself, upgrade his career and find love – invariably failing miserably.

Catch the premiere of Sick Of It – Series 2 on 16th March 2020. Available on BBC Brit and exclusively on BBC Player.


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