Head Out While Staying Well with Healthy Chinatown 2020 This Weekend


The coronavirus may have you down, but the Chinatown Business Association (CBA) is planning to lift your mood by bettering your health this weekend with a very special ‘Healthy Chinatown’ event, with health talks and activities to encourage locals and visitors to explore the Chinatown precinct whilst taking care of their health.

Running on both 21st and 22nd March at Smith Street, the CBA will also be putting in place all necessary measures to ensure the well-being and safety of visitors, while they go on special tours. Visitors can learn how to pamper themselves with a Health and Beauty Tour, or go on a little expedition around Chinatown on a traditional Trishaw, an iconic light passenger cart used as a means of transport in the past.

Visitors can also gain insightful tips from a health talk by Thye Shan Medical, a medical hall with more than 60 years of history that provides Traditional Chinese Medicinal (TCM) products and services. Topics include how to use herbs to potentially build up one’s immune system, as well as how to identify suitable oils to treat specific ailments.

The event will also be a throwback to the past – showcasing Chinatown’s rich heritage in
the 1950s and 60s with traditional street games for both the young and old, such as Chapteh and Hopscotch. For coffee enthusiasts, come participate in a Coffee Workshop held at Nanyang Old Coffee – an authentic Singaporean brand which grinds and roasts fresh, top quality coffee beans in their backyard daily. Learn how they retain traditional techniques to treat their coffee.

In light of the COVID-19 situation, CBA will be implementing social distancing measures,
with the activities well spread out across different locations, and with each location hosting not more than 50 individuals in an open area. They will also be implementing
temperature taking procedures and contact tracing per recommended by Ministry of

Says Ms Lim Yick Suan, Executive Director of CBA: “With the ongoing concern of wellness in Singapore, we hope that this event will allow visitors to gain more knowledge whilst enjoying themselves and celebrating the rich heritage of Singapore’s Chinatown.”

Healthy Chinatown runs from 21st to 22nd March 2020 at Chinatown and is free. For the Herbalist Sharing health talk by Thye Shan Medical, register online via Peatix or Eventbrite to receive an enhanced wellness Goodie Bag worth $10

Do note that activities at the Healthy Chinatown this weekend are small scale events, capped at max 50 people per session. To further ensure visitors’ safety, a number of measures are being taken, including:

– Social distancing with clear floor-marked stickers (like at MRT stations)

– Temperature taking procedure and turning away people who are unwell

– Registration of details of all participants

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