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#SGCultureAnywhere Presents New Online Series ‘From The Living Room’

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As part of the National Arts Council’s #SGCultureAnywhere initiative, follow 30 different Singaporean artists and groups into their homes in this brand new online series From The Living Room. Enjoy intimate performances, engage with artists, and discover insights to their craft in this monthlong series produced by industry veterans Andy Chia (SAtheCollective), Adrian Chiang (Asian Cultural Symphony Orchestra) and Zhuo Zihao (T.H.E Dance Company).

Be greeted by the likes of theatre performers from Oon Shu An to Munah Bagharib, as a new host introduces you to a different art form every week night. You might have thespian Janice Koh alongside contemporary dancer Sufri Juwahir one night, or even Dim Sum Dolly Pam Oei introducing you to Chinese dance by Li Ruimin.

Every night is different, so stay tuned for your favourite hosts and artists, or simply catch it to learn all about a new art form you may not know about, while staying home and watching from your laptop.

From The Living Room streams every weeknight starting 11th May 2020, 8pm to 830pm, exclusively on

Visit A-list and find out more about #SGCultureAnywhere here


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