What makes Jack Grealish England’s most exciting player at the moment?

During this strange time for international football, where positive coronavirus cases and injuries
galore are causing major headaches for coaches, one player has stood out head and shoulders above
his peers for England. Jack Grealish has begun this season like a house on fire, and his form has
carried over into the England national team, where he’s made a real impression on both Gareth
Southgate and supporters of the Three Lions.
While England’s overall form has been a bit hit and miss in recent times, Grealish has been a breath
of fresh air. The Aston Villa captain has been one of the Premier League’s star players so far this
season, and any team’s chances improve in the Betdaq odds when he’s in the starting 11. He’s been
the heartbeat of Villa’s strong start to the campaign, which has included some remarkable victories –
notably the 7-2 humiliation of Liverpool at Villa Park, and the 3-0 humbling of Arsenal at the
Emirates Stadium.
But what is it that makes Grealish such a terrifying player for opposition defenders, and such a
thrilling player for those who support his teams. Perhaps it’s the sheer unpredictability of his game,
the way he shimmies deftly past opponents and produces moments of skill which seem to defy
physics. He has vision which few can match, picking out teammates with precise accuracy from the
most unlikely positions, and driving forward positively with the ball when he gets the chance.
The problem for England at times has been a lack of creative spark, that the team is more functional
than fun. Grealish provides fireworks that few other players can match, and despite having
celebrated his 25 th birthday a couple of month ago, he still plays with that same insouciant sense of
youth, only he now boasts the consistency to produce his best on a regular basis.
Competition for attacking places in England’s starting 11 is high at the moment, with many young
players vying to make an impact on the international scene. The likes of Mason Mount, Jadon

Sancho, Phil Foden and Bukayo Saka are all competing to make the spot their own, and that gives
Grealish an intense motivation to perform well for England when he’s given the chance.
Of course, there are still plenty of criticisms levelled at the Villa skipper. One of these is that he is too
quick to go down, but the nature of the modern game is such that going down as soon as a player
feels contact is part and parcel of the game. Another criticism is that Grealish holds onto the ball for
too long and takes too many touches, and it’s clear that this is still something he needs to work on,
but then again, his unique style has brought him success up until this point, so perhaps he is best off
playing to his instincts rather than trying to adapt an unfamiliar style.
England are blessed with a wide variety of attacking talents at the moment, both in terms of strikers
and attacking midfielders. And Grealish is the one who is currently making the biggest impact. With
Euro 2020 looming large on the horizon, and the next World Cup just 18 months beyond that,
Grealish will be hoping that he has a major part to play in helping England enjoy international

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