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Ready For Takeoff: The Future of Flight with SIA


With the end of the circuit breaker and a slow but steady move towards normalcy, airlines too are finding their wings once again, and preparing for takeoff in the near future. As Singapore’s national carrier, Singapore Airlines has already announced their plans to fly again soon, along with enhanced safety measures they will be introducing.

By downloading the SingaporeAir mobile app, pre-flight processing will be made incredibly simple for passengers. Come end-July, passengers will be able to operate check-in kiosks at Changi Airport to print boarding passes and bag tags. In addition, they’ll also be able to check on travel restrictions and visa information for their destination country. Passengers can also opt to receive real-time alerts and service changes.

To ensure passenger safety, staff at check-in counters will also be wearing masks, with safe distancing markers placed at the counters. All passengers will be asked to do a health check and have their temperatures taken.

Should passengers be using the lounge, they will find that there will no longer be buffets, only a la carte food served to reduce indirect contact between travellers, along with a digital system to order food. Instead of physical copies, digital copies of magazines and newspapers will be available via SIA’s app, while hand sanitisers will be available at the lounge.

SIA is also currently developing a digital queuing system with the Changi Airport Group and Sats to prevent overcrowding at boarding gates. They will then be told individually when it is their turn to board the plane.

Even within the plane itself, SIA will attempt to keep the experience as contactless as possible. Passengers will receive care kit with masks, wipes and sanitiser, but they will not get hot towels.  All passengers and crew will be required to wear masks on board the flight, with the crew wearing gloves while serving food and goggles when interacting with passengers. For business-class passengers on long-haul flights, they will receive one-tray service rather than different courses.

SIA will also be implementing a function that allows customers operate in-flight entertainment from their phones through free Wi-Fi connection, giving access to over 150 films, television shows and more, while in-flight shopping will go digital from end-July, with goods to be picked up after the flight.

All surfaces with high frequency of touch will be wiped regularly, while an air freshener will disinfect the atmosphere. High Efficiency Particulate Air (Hepa)filters are also installed on board planes, allowing 99.9% of airborne microbes from outside air to be filtered through the system.

Even after landing, new measures are in place to ensure passengers’ health is a top priority. A contact tracing function in the SIA app will be launched at the end of August to help track at-risk passengers, in the case of a COVID-19 infected passenger on board. SIA will also be using 30% more staff to clean the plane, while the use of UV light technology to disinfect plane toilets is being studied, and may be implemented.

With the efforts made to resume a sense of normalcy as fast as possible, it probably won’t be too long before travel becomes a regularity once again, and we can hopefully take to the skies with SIA en route to more adventures.

For more information, visit Singapore Airlines’ website here


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