Travel: What to do in Singapore? The best places to go during your holidays

Everyone knows this island as a bustling city-state and economical giant. But even though it only covers a small surface, it is overflowing with hidden gems. Be it delicious cuisine, gazing at the iconic skyline, clubbing, visiting ancient temples in the ever exciting Chinatown, strolling through tropical gardens or taking part in a game of chance and possibly win the big jackpot. You can find something for any type of traveller here. I’m off course talking about Singapore!

Enjoy life while discovering the tropical gardens and look around in awe in the Gardens by the Bay. This 101 hectare tropical garden will amaze you with features as the Cloud Forest, the Supertrees or the Flowerdome. It confirms Singapore’s nickname: ”The city in a garden”. It is not just a green lung for inhabitants and tourists alike but a design marble that enjoys recognition worldwide. It offers the best of nature since its opening in 2012. After all this greenery you might be up for a drink or even for a few steps on the dance-floor at one of Singapore’s many clubs. If so you will surely find what you’re looking for at Clarke Quay, the city’s biggest nightlife hub. This historical warehouse district by the river has been transformed into a paradise for clubbers with some of the most lively parties in the world. Chupitos Shots Bar is THE place to get your night going and maybe even obtain some liquid courage for the jam session ahead at Crazy elephant before dancing the night away at Attica before admiring the Souht-East Asian sunrise.

After a crazy night out, what better cure than some delicious local street-food to forget your lack of sleep. Seduce your tast buds with some spicy chili-crab or satisfy your craving for meat with a steaming plate of Char Kway Teow. You will notice that Singaporean cuisine, thanks to its cultural diversity, is influenced by a number of different cultures. The main ones being of course Chinese, Malaysian and Tamil. This has as a result finger licking and safe street food. The best places to enjoy the different culinary delicacies of the island are: Amoy Street Food Centre, Maxwell food centre, Chinatown or the world famous Hill Street. Speaking of Chinatown, make sure to wander of in the streets this central area where you can find a wonderful mix of old and new Chinese culture. The narrow alleys are filled up to the brim with Chinese culture. You can enjoy the cuisine of course but also art, shopping and visiting ancient temples such as the Bhudda Tooth Relic Temple, the Taoist Thian Hock Keng temple or even the Mariamman hindu temple. In search for some contrast you will surely be up for experiencing the visual masterpiece that is Singapore’s skyline. The best viewpoint is at Sands Skypark. From the observation deck you have a marvellous view of the city. It can leave even the most seasoned traveler speechless.

To avoid your trip being monotonous or simply to blow of some steam while winning some extra pocket money or a even a big jackpot you can take your chance in one of the many online casino’s that the city is rich. It’s possible to subscribe in a few minutes, you can even take control of your risk exposure plus they offer an often wider variety than the classical casino’s. You can compare them and find your ideal online casino in Singapore. Play some blackjack, poker or baccarat while enjoying a cocktail in your hotel room. Everything is possible and you know what they say: The world belongs to the ones who dare.

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