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The Arts House Returns With Even More Write From Home Workshops

Back in May, the Arts House stayed true to its title as Singapore’s literary arts centre by conducting the Write From Home Workshops to keep the writing community connected in spite of being physically apart. After seeing success with its first round, they’re back with even more workshops this July to keep the momentum going.

A total of six workshops will be presented this July. The series kicks off with Step Inside: Documenting Our Interior Journey in an Unusual Time. Led by author Melissa De Silva (“Others” is Not a Race) which aims to give writers the tools to capture the deeper experience behind our current circumstances, and to explore our interior experiences and the meanings we create from them. Sessions will focus on responding to writing prompts, sharing writing, and giving and receiving feedback on work from fellow participants and the facilitator.

The Arts House will also present An Epidemic Dictionary: Relaying A Truly Virtual Love Poem. Presented by writer-artist Tan Chee Lay, the workshop will see each participant contributing individualised poetic entries to create their own mini virtual love dictionary of this epidemic. Meanwhile, in Draw a Laugh: A Comics Workshop with Gwee Li Sui, practice the basics of humour in comics with Gwee Li Sui, author of well-loved titles such as Who Wants to Buy a Book of Poems?, The Other Merlion and Friends, and Spiaking Singlish. 

In Finding Inner Peace: The Art of Spiritual Writing, let Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé teach you how better to find time to reflect on their own life purpose, to be shared in a safe, open space. In Menulis Bersama Farihan Bahron (Writing with Farihan Bahron) , Farihan Bahron shares his writing expertise, Finally, in Safe Space Stories, Paul Rozario-Falcone creates a safe space filled with positivity, with no questions, no judgments, no criticisms — just sharing what participants love about the fresh words and stories created during the session. 

The Arts House’s Write From Home Workshops will take place online via Zoom from 3rd to 25th July 2020. Tickets available here

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