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Television Time: BBC Shows – September 2020


We still may not be able to travel just yet, but let BBC take you around the world with their lineup of shows this September. Watch Guilt and meet Scottish brothers Max and Jake, whose lives become intertwined thanks to a dark secret they share after a late night out. With this secret threatening both their livelihoods, how far will they go just to keep it under wraps and will their brotherly bond be broken in the process?

Next, head to the Himalayas and the Amazon to meet some of mankind’s closest relatives – Primates. Narrated by conservationist Chris Packham, the 3-part series seeks to explore the lives of this extraordinary species by following them on their day to day activities. Finally, end your expedition around the world in Japan with Great British Bake Off’s Paul Hollywood. From traveling with chefs, comedians and even surfers,  join him as he discovers the amazing delicacies in the land of the rising sun.


Brothers Max and Jake couldn’t be more different. Max is wealthy with an apparently perfect life. Jake scrapes a living running a record shop. Driving home late one night, they accidentally kill an old man on a darkened street. They manage to conceal their crime, but when others suspect the death wasn’t as innocent as it first appeared, the brothers’ lives start falling apart. As their guilt takes them into a dangerous world where everyone seems to have a hidden agenda, they soon discover they can trust no-one. Not even each other.

Catch the premiere of Guilt on Friday, 4th September 2020. Available on BBC First (StarHub Channel 502) and BBC Player – watch it on a bigger screen with Chromecast & Airplay.


After the huge success of Shark and Big Cats, this is the next step in natural history storytelling, focusing on a group of animals that fascinate and captivate us more than any other. Our own family. The primates.

Primates are social animals. They can be fearsome, but they are also emotional, thoughtful and caring. Here, a vast cast of creatures of all shapes and sizes, from gigantic gorillas to lithe lemurs, are captured in stunning landscapes ranging from the Himalayas to the Amazon jungle. This is a moving and frequently astonishing exploration of the huge passion humanity has for its closest relations.

Catch the premiere of Primates on Thursday, 3rd September 2020 at 8.05pm. Available on BBC Earth (StarHub Channel 407) and BBC Player – watch it on a bigger screen with Chromecast & Airplay.

Food Factory Series 4
Behind each bag of chips, can of beer, bar of chocolate, and loaf of bread is a mega-industrial production line that brings each product to the masses. Food Factory is a mesmerising behind-the-scenes peek into the weird and wonderful processes that produce everyone’s favourite foods.

Catch the premiere of Food Factory Series 4 on Monday, 14th September 2020 at 7.10pm.
Available on BBC Earth (StarHub Channel 407) and BBC Player – watch it on a bigger screen with Chromecast & Airplay.

Life Below Zero: Canada
Based on the four-time Emmy-winning format, Life Below Zero: Canada is a compelling documentary about people who live off the grid in remote regions of northern Canada.

The series follows a diverse group from different backgrounds, including First Nations. Get an unfiltered glimpse into their rugged daily lives, as these intrepid characters use traditional survival practices and find ingenious ways of adapting to their extreme environment. They grapple with deadly weather while trying to find food, water and shelter. Can they make a success of their uniquely challenging lives?

Catch the premiere of Life Below Zero: Canada on Thursday, 24th September 2020 at 9.55pm. Available on BBC Earth (StarHub Channel 407) and BBC Player – watch it on a bigger screen with Chromecast & Airplay.


George Clarke’s Old House New Home Series 5
Property expert George Clarke returns to unlock the potential of more historic homes. Homeowners love historic houses. But lots of these properties are stuck in the past. In this returning series, architect George Clarke once again gets under the skin of historic homes to make them fit for 21st century living. His challenges include creating a cosy kitchen in a chilly stone farmhouse, a Regency apartment that’s anything but regal, and a coach house with a crazy layout. George helps families find stylish solutions for period properties – and proves that, with the right design advice, you can create a perfect blend of old and new.

Catch the premiere of George Clarke’s Old House New Home Series 5 on Tuesday, 8th September 2020 at 9.15pm. Available on BBC Lifestyle (StarHub Channel 432) and BBC Player – watch it on a bigger screen with Chromecast & Airplay.

Paul Hollywood Eats Japan
Paul Hollywood has never been to Japan. As far as he’s concerned, it’s a land without bread – and a land without bread, is a land without bakers. This three-part series sees Britain’s favourite baker discover just how wrong he was – and how Japan is fast becoming one of the world’s top foodie destinations. Across the series, Paul travels the country sampling regional delicacies and gets taught some of Japan’s most famous dishes. Throughout his adventure, Paul is accompanied by a host of travelling companions including chefs, comedians, rice farmers, a band of exuberant and slightly overweight Okinawan surfers and unsurprisingly, bakers. Paul Hollywood Eats Japan is not your regular food show – but then Japan is far from your average country.

Catch the premiere of Paul Hollywood Eats Japan on Monday, 21st September 2020 at 7.30pm. Available on BBC Lifestyle (StarHub Channel 432) and BBC Player – watch it on a bigger screen with Chromecast & Airplay.


Inside No. 9 Series 5
Steve Pemberton & Reece Shearsmith present a fifth anthology of films. From night-time to half-time, from the magic of Christmas, to the mysteries of magic and into the minds of monsters. Starring alongside Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith is a wealth of talent including Jenna Coleman (Victoria), Kadiff Kirwan (Mary Queen of Scots), David Morrissey (The Other Boleyn Girl), Ralf Little (The Royle Family), Fionn Whitehead (Dunkirk), Maxine Peake (Funny Cow), Phil Davis (Poldark) and many more.

Catch the premiere of Inside No. 9 Series 5 on Monday, 7th September 2020.
Available on BBC Brit and exclusively on BBC Player – watch it on a bigger screen with Chromecast & Airplay.


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