7 Things to Do Today for Sounder Sleep Tonight



Look at the sleep routine you are following if you are tossing and turning all night. What can you do now to help improve your sleep later? Not sleeping is among the worst, and there are various reasons why this is possible. Did you try to do some stretches before you sleep? Sip chamomile tea, and it’s not working? Do you have a sleep disorder you did not know? If you already know  which avocado mattress to buy. It is not hard to consider other things today, such as those mentioned below, to help you sleep more soundly. 

 1. Stop snacking in bed 


Did you know eating in the bedroom before you sleep disrupts sleep? Most snacks are filled with salt and will make you thirsty and as a result, drinking a lot of fluids causes more trips in the bathroom during the night. This causes sleep disruption and interferes with your sleep cycle, and you end up not getting refreshed sleep. Also, snacking before bed is a poor bedtime habit that leads to weight gain. Plus, it is best to associate your bed with sleep and sex only. 

 2. Go for a sleeping mask and earplugs 

For an effective change today, use earplugs and a sleeping mask to make your sleeping environment conducive. On your must-have checklist, curb random noises with earplugs or a white noise machine if you prefer it. Also, a sleeping mask is essential to block out light and ensure you sleep in pitch black. You can opt for black-out curtains if you suspect light from outside keeps you awake. Therefore, for sounder sleep, a sleep mask and earplugs will give you a change from today. 

 3. Kick your pooch out of bed 

If you have checked off all the common sleep stealers and you are still having trouble sleeping. It is possible your co-sleeping furry friend is to blame. The breathing and movements of your pet can be distracting and will end up disrupting your sleep. Besides, if you have allergic reactions, sleeping with your pet increases the allergic symptoms such as nasal congestion, interfering with your sleep. 

 4. Write down a to-do list 

Before you head over to drift off, write out all things you have to do the next day and the worries you may have. Therefore, to fall asleep fast and sleep more soundly, write a list of tasks, chores, and anything else that pops in your head as a responsibility you should see through. In this way, you prevent yourself from thinking about it excessively before bed. Do this before bed to avoid the task becoming too stimulating. 

 5. Listen to grown-up lullabies


As children, a lullaby was a way to get us to sleep. Today, certain kinds of music help to fall asleep and improve the quality of sleep. If you make it a routine to listen to soothing music every night from today, you transition from wake to sleep more quickly. According to research, music benefits people with insomnia. Nowadays, you can get various forms of sleep music to choose from, and you can try different ones until you get the one that suits you.

 6. Put your body in neutral 

Quantity of sleep is as vital as the quality of sleep. Plus, another aspect of this is sleep posture. A neutral spine can be on the side as much as the back. What is vital is the positioning of the pillow. An aligned spine allows the neurological and musculoskeletal system to be less pushing and pulling. Having a neutral spine makes the neck, shoulder, and lower back less aggravated. Even as you change positions in the night, you will maintain the neutral position by using your pillow to align and readjust to be more comfortable. 

 7. Talk about magnesium with your doctor 


To improve your sleep at night, you may need to consider a magnesium boost. When you are deficient in magnesium, it contributes to insomnia and other health issues. For adults, the daily intake is about 310 mg, depending on age and sex. However, talk to your doctor if you should have the magnesium supplements depending on the quality of sleep or the sleep issues you may be facing.

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