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Art What!: Stars Wars Identities at ArtScience Museum

Whether you were introduced to the series via The Mandalorian or a die-hard fan of the franchise since A New Hope was first released in 1977, it’s impossible to deny the cultural impact Star Wars has had on the world, awakening countless geeks to the world of space opera, lightsabers and interplanetary wonder.

With that in mind, the ArtScience Museum has secured blockbuster exhibition STAR WARS™ Identities, marking its last stop of the tour here in Singapore. The interactive exhibition not only displays almost 200 artefacts from the original Star Wars films, from costumes to models of the Millennium Falcon, but also includes bits about the creative process of movie-making, from concept to screen, and what exactly is it that ended up shaping some of your favourite characters, in design and their identity.

First get tagged at the exhibition, This would be your key to the finding out who you are!

Of course, with Identities in its title, who you are plays a huge part as well, and the exhibition gives you an opportunity to imagine what you’d look like if you were a character from the franchise, based on each facet of your life, your origins, influences and choices to determine the forces that shape your personality. Here’s a look at how the process went down, as you answer various questions from booths set-up at strategic locations throughout your journey:

Select a species for your hero
What were you born with?
Define the parenting style in which you were raised.
What planet are you from?
Who do you look up to?
Who do you hang out with?
Which experiences have marked you?
Choose Your occupation
How do you behave?
And after you have gone through the whole experience, discover your very own character displayed onscreen
Then you too can be a part of Star Wars history, by keying in your email address to have your hero immortalised in the system.

The exhibition itself of course, also ties back in strongly to the idea of identity, as we consider how we became the way we are today, thanks to the various influences in our lives. Think of it as a deeper, more interactive personality test, where you don’t just get a results and analysis – you’re required to dig deep into your own past to figure out your present. The exhibition is grouped into three main sections, as they follow the progression of identity from childhood to adulthood: first Origins, then Influences, and finally Choices.

Slave Leia – Costume worn by Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, while imprisoned by Jabba the Hutt. Leia then strangles the giant crime lord to death with these chains.

Naturally, the highlights of this exhibition however, lie in all the artefacts and movie memorabilia gathered in one location. The controversial but iconic gold bikini, worn by the late Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in Episode VI, Return of the Jedi (1983), makes an appearance, which many fans continue to debate over whether it was a result of selling Fisher as a sex symbol, or actually necessary to her character.

Han Solo in carbonite

Fans can also check out the famous scene of Han Solo’s ‘death’ in The Empire Strikes Back, with the carbonite that imprisoned him. Fans were left to wonder if he would make a return in the third film (he does, of course), and here, we learn that actor Harrison Ford provided the casts for the face and hands, but the remainder of the body actually belonged to an anonymous donor.

Yoda: Prop from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999)

Fans will get a chance to come face-to-face with the franchise’s most iconic characters as well – check out this Yoda puppet from The Phantom Menace, along with plenty of original artwork and models that will make you realise just how intricate the design was that went into every film, and how vast the world of Star Wars really is.

You’ll even get to see the droids and bots that follow our heroic protagonists – there’s BB-8, R2-D2, and even an AT-AT on display. Of course, you’ll also see models of Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon, the infamous Death Star, and plenty of other treasures here in Singapore for the first time.

Will you defect?

By the end of the experience, you’re left educated and mesmerised by the sheer number of artefacts on display, making it the perfect time to take a breather and segue into the inevitable gift shop, filled with merchandise such as:

Action figures to add to your toy collection
Posters from the exhibition
T-shirts to show how big a fan you are

From learning about how Darth Vader’s breathing was designed to the origins of Yoda’s extra-terrestrial features, linked to the nature of the planet they come from, their deep character backstories, and really, a chance to immerse yourself for an afternoon in George Lucas’ eternally fascinating franchise, this is one personality quiz that’ll take you through an unforgettable identity quest.

Star Wars: Identities runs till 13th June 2021 at the ArtScience Museum. Tickets available here

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