Second edition of ‘EU at Your School’ to strengthen EU-Singapore Partnership

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Following its inaugural edition in 2019, from 31st March to 28th May, Students aged 13 to 20 from 27 Singapore education institutions will be meeting with European Union (EU) representatives in the second edition of the ‘EU at Your School’ project (#EUatYourSchool), where they will learn more about the EU and its relations with Singapore.

Ambassadors and diplomats from the EU and its member states based in Singapore will visit education institutions over the next two months to give talks about the EU, touching on topics such as the EU’s history, institutions, and their growing role in the face of the global health crisis. The talks will be held in virtual or hybrid format. The project aims to promote 21st Century Competencies by developing global awareness and cross-cultural skills amongst our students and instilling in them an appreciation of different cultures and languages by introducing them to the rich and diverse cultures of Europe.

At the opening engagement session, EU Ambassador to Singapore, H.E. Ambassador Barbara Plinkert, engaged students at the MOE Language Centre via Zoom. In the hour-long session, she shared on topics such as the EU’s concerted response to the COVID-19 pandemic, their path to recovery, the EU’s engagement with ASEAN, and EU-Singapore ties.

Ambassador Plinkert said: “The second edition of this project is extremely timely, and I would like to thank the Ministry of Education, the participating schools, and fellow Ambassadors for their support. The past year has been turbulent and, in many ways, disruptive. We have faced unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and have had to look at new methods of communicating, engaging, and working to emerge from this crisis stronger and in a more sustainable and inclusive way.”

“While the pandemic has exposed our vulnerabilities, it has also highlighted the benefits of dialogue and cooperation. In Singapore, we have a like-minded partner. For the students we are engaging with over the course of the next two months, we have a dynamic young generation with whom we wish to share and build on our vision European Union Delegation to Singapore of making a green, sustainable, and digital recovery a key priority for the future,” added Ambassador Plinkert.

Commenting on how this project will benefit students, Director-General of Education, Mr Wong Siew Hoong, said, “The COVID-19 pandemic and other major global events have highlighted the importance of international collaboration in tackling the challenges we face today. As such, it is vital for our students to continue to develop a keen awareness of global events and a deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures. ‘EU at Your School’ is a good platform for them to develop a global perspective on issues so that they can navigate an increasingly complex and globalised world.”

For more information and updates, visit EU in Singapore’s Facebook page

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