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Television Time: BBC Shows – July 2021


Crime and thriller are in session on BBC First, as McDonald & Dodds returns with its second season, where the unlikely duo – played by Tala Gouveia and BAFTA award-winning actor Jason Watkins – continue to encounter grisly crimes in across three films. Four-part series Roadkill also premieres this month starring Hugh Laurie as Peter Laurence, a Conservative politician whose life has been ladened with scandals, impacting his personal life and political agendas. This highly-anticipated show also features the late Helen McCrory as Prime Minister Dawn Ellison in her final television performance.

Begin the month of July with Rachel Khoo’s Chocolat! on BBC Lifestyle and follow the British cook as she explores one of the world’s most popular treats. From sweet chocolate desserts to savoury snacks such as a chocolate rendition of tacos, learn and trick or two when crafting from a wide range of chocolate recipes in time for World Chocolate Day (July 7).

Travel around the world together with Simon Reeve in BBC Earth’s Incredible Journeys with Simon Reeve as the broadcaster and writer revisits the stories, landscapes and people he encountered during his visits to over 100 countries spanning over his 15-year career.

BBC First

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McDonald & Dodds Series 2

Premieres Friday, 23rd July, on StarHub channel 502 and BBC Player

McDonald & Dodds returns for a new season, with Tala Gouveia and Jason Watkins playing the ‘odd couple’ detective duo. Ambitious DCI McDonald, who has recently transferred from London’s Met Police, and the unassuming DS Dodds, who’s recently been relieved of a long stint of desk duty, make an unlikely detective duo but, to everyone’s surprise, they forge a rumbustious, and highly effective crime solving partnership. As McDonald adjusts to life in picturesque Bath, she and Dodds investigate a suspicious hot air balloon fatality, a girls weekend that takes a sinister turn and the death of a popular beauty vlogger. Pressure mounts on the detectives but, with their combination of old and new sleuthing, they cut through the deceptions together.

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Premieres Friday, 9th July, on StarHub channel 502 and BBC Player

Hugh Laurie plays controversial yet charismatic Conservative politician Peter Laurence, a narcissist caught up in a wave of scandals, Laurence’s political ambitions are frustrated when personal revelations are unearthed by his adversaries.

BBC Earth

Image copyright: BBC Studios

Incredible Journeys with Simon Reeve 

Premieres Friday, 23rd July at 9:00pm, on StarHub channel 407 and BBC Player

Broadcaster and writer Simon Reeve presents some of the highlights of his incredible journeys around the world. During a career spanning more than 15 years, Simon has visited over a hundred countries on six different continents, experiencing epic landscapes and uncovering moving and dramatic human stories. Now, he catches up with some of the memorable characters he’s met along the way. Simon reveals behind-the-scenes moments and explores some of the huge changes he’s witnessed while travelling around the world.

Ben Fogle: Return to the Wild UK

Premieres Monday, 26th July at 9:55pm, on StarHub channel 407 and BBC Player

Ben Fogle tracks down past contributors in the UK who have set up home in the wilderness. Has the adventure paid off? Ben Fogle revisits the couples, families and individuals who started new lives in the wild. What happened to the Oxford graduate who moved to a mud hut in Wales, and is it really possible to run a guesthouse on the most isolated island in Scotland?

What Are We Feeding Our Kids?

Premieres Thursday, 8 July at 10:05pm, on StarHub channel 407 and BBC Player

The crisis in child obesity has been talked about for a quarter of a century. Yet every year our children gain weight and grow unhealthier. Doctor Chris van Tulleken wants to know what’s going on. Childhood obesity is recognised as a huge problem, but nothing seems to change. In this powerful programme, Chris reveals the latest science behind a new category of food that may be a factor at work. And he undergoes an experiment on his own body, with results that surprise even the scientists. With knowledge gathered from scientists, doctors, young people, and the food industry itself, Chris sheds light on the shocking reality of childhood obesity to find answers and inspire change.

BBC Lifestyle

Photo copyright: Fremantle

Rachel Khoo’s Chocolat!

Premieres Friday, 2nd July at 7:30pm, on StarHub channel 432 and BBC Player

Throughout this delectable series, international food creative, Rachel Khoo, delves into the world of chocolate, taking inspiration from around the globe to create original, mouth-watering dishes. Super-chef Rachel, who trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, meets some of the finest chocolatiers in Europe, investigates the fascinating history of chocolate and explores the health and wellbeing benefits of our favourite treat.

In every episode, Rachel shares delightful recipes from her kitchen, both sweet and savoury, with classic favourites such as fondants, truffles and mouses, and surprising chocolatey twists on tacos, tomato pasta sauce, and even the classic steak and chips gets a chocolate make-over. There’s even a magical Christmas special featuring some truly show-stopping festive recipes. Throughout the series, we meet amazing people and see how their passion keeps them innovating and improving the chocolate we eat. From the humblest dessert to the most sophisticated sweet treat and beyond, this is delicious TV at its most indulgent!

Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby Series 3

Premieres Monday, 12th July at9:20pm, on StarHub channel 432 and BBC Player

Amazing Hotels returns for more escapist fun, taking viewers behind the scenes at some of the world’s most spectacular properties. A tropical paradise in St Lucia. A historic Highlands retreat. Presenters Giles Coren and Monica Galetti visit locations that represent the ultimate in luxury and customer care. But it’s not all rest and relaxation – from arranging flowers to fanning the coals inside a sauna, the presenters roll up their sleeves and learn how hard the staff work at these incredible hotels.


Image copyright: BBC Studios

Swashbuckle Series 5

Premieres Monday to Friday, 12th July at 8:15pm, on StarHub channel 303 and BBC Player

All aboard for adventure with the return of the swashbuckling game show that pits teams of youngsters against pesky pirate foes in fun physical challenges. The Bafta-winning series is set in the Scarlet Squid, a colourful shipwreck housing a soft play obstacle course on multiple levels with rigging, nets, buoys to swing on, baskets of sea creatures and giant slides. Under the watchful eye of Gem and her parrot Squawk, the young swashbucklers compete against the mischievous pirates and their strict leader Captain to retrieve stolen jewels hidden throughout the ship. This entertaining show is peppered with comedy sketches and, for Series 5, there’s a fresh look to favourite games and some exciting new challenges.

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