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Film Fanatic: True Colors Film Festival 2021

The second edition of the True Colors Film Festival (TCFF) 2021 returns from 3rd to 12th December, offering audiences free streaming of 10 features, 21 shorts and 4 dialogues. Presented by The Nippon Foundation, the films share the common thread of presenting new and sometimes radical human perspectives in these shifting times.

Highlights of the festival include Feeling Through (2019), also the world’s first film featuring a DeafBlind actor; and the first Screen Actors Guild-registered musical to feature a fully-inclusive cast and crew, Best Summer Ever (2020).

True Colors Film Festival 2021 & Filmbankmedia have also prepared an exclusive screening of Oscar winner Nomandland (2020), and Disney’s animated film Zootopia (2016).  

On the fashion front, the True Colors Festival documentaries The Future Is Now! (2021) and Clothes In Conversation (2021) will also be presented, while viewers can also look forward to Oscar-winning short films The Silent Child (2014) and Helium (2013).

Finally, Dialogues: The Power of Story-telling brings together film directors, actors, advocates and hosts, to have honest discussions about the issues spotlighted in their films. Hear first-hand from directors Doug Roland (Feeling Through); Tunku Mona Riza (Redha) who chats with actor and educator, Aidli Mosbit; Amanda Lukoff (The R-Word) who chats with sibling and self advocates, Tasneem Majeed and Allan Cai; and photographer Rick Guidotti – whose work is the subject of the film On Beauty – who chats with actor and host Oon Shu An.

“Today there is no shortage of options for streaming movies. So we’ve curated a selection of features, shorts and dialogues that you will not find together anywhere else; a one-stop shop, if you like, of award-winning films about Perspectives that will entertain, challenge, fascinate and inspire change,” says Audrey Perera, Executive Producer of True Colors Film Festival 2021. 

The 2021 True Colors Film Festival runs from 3rd to 12th December 2021 on The Projector Plus. For more information and a full view of the program, visit the TCFF 2021 website. For updates, sign-up for the TCFF 2021 mailer.

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