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Film Fanatic: Viddsee Collaborates With MNC Pictures Launches Etalase Kota, Part Of Viddsee Labs

Viddsee has announced a partnership with MNC Pictures, one of the largest production houses in Indonesia, and a subsidiary of MNC Studios International. Through this collaboration, Viddsee and MNC Pictures will launch an accelerator program to develop outstanding Intellectual Property (IP) for filmmakers in the Viddsee network. 

The move follows the launch of Viddsee Labs in October 2021, Viddsee’s very own IP-incubator, which sees greater focus and resources invested to develop Intellectual Property (IP) rights and ownership at each stage of a filmmaker’s journey from script to screen, locally and internationally. 

One such initiative designed to identify the next generation of content creators and storytellers is Etalase Kota, an anthology series that showcases the uniqueness of the people who live in the city and who captures and embodies the soul, heartbeat and identity of a city. Etalase Kota was part of the Juree Indonesia Awards, an annual film festival that celebrates the best short films from Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines since 2016. 

“This anthology series is like a keyhole into a rich and layered narrative, landscape and sketch of a city. Etalase Kota is about how we live and breathe as seen through the eyes of the Viddsee filmmakers,” said Derek Tan, Viddsee’s Chief Commercial Officer.

Etalase Kota, Viddsee Labs Program Launched Through Pitching Forum

Etalase Kota is open to all Indonesian filmmakers whose works have been selected as either finalists or the Out-of-Competition Category at the 2016 to 2021 Juree Awards. Interested filmmakers have up to 3 January 2022 to submit their story ideas. Thereafter, a panel of judges from Viddsee Studios and MNC Pictures will select ten outstanding story ideas, and invite the filmmakers to present their concepts through an online pitching forum.

Winners will be announced on 27 January 2022. The selected winners will be given the mentorship, guidance and resources by Viddsee Studios, funded by MNC Pictures, to produce their short films as part of the anthology series, Etalase Kota. The final films will be broadcast exclusively on KlakKik.

Derek Tan explained, “Seeing the growing demand for local content, Viddsee has consistently marketed and promoted Indonesian talent and IP to the audience. As an accelerator program under the auspices of Viddsee Labs, Etalase Kota not only functions as a pitching forum but also involves the process of finding new talents and developing IP until the series is produced. This collaboration with MNC Pictures is a significant step because it can help us to grow young and talented storytellers, as well as, develop authentic stories.”

President Director of PT MNC Pictures, Titan Hermawan, shared similar sentiments: “This collaboration between MNC Pictures and Viddsee is expected to increase the synergy for content creators to produce more creative local content and benefit from the opportunities that this partnership brings.”

Visit to find out more about the Juree Indonesia 2021 and Etalase Kota.

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