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4 Essential Storage Tips for Seasonal House Items

If you live somewhere where seasonal changes result in you switching things around in your home a few times a year, you know how much work is involved in the process. There’s the skill involved in knowing when it’s time to switch things out and the physical labour involved in lugging everything out of storage and properly wrapping up everything that’s going away, plus the logistics of knowing where to put everything that’s not in use so that it will be out of sight but safe and accessible for when you need them next. The following will explore a few essential tips that can help you manage your seasonal storage.

Learn To Pack Properly

One of the best things you can do to improve your seasonal storage situation is figuring out how to pack things efficiently. Packing properly involves making the best use of storage containers, boxes, and bags that you can. If you have lots of breakables, for example, you can use your out-of-season clothing to cushion these items so that they can settle safely within their boxes. A good approach to help you get the ball rolling is to start by packing the biggest items first; once larger items are in boxes or bags, you can fit smaller items around them, and this will help you use fewer storage bins or boxes, resulting in less storage space needed and less clutter wherever you’re keeping your boxes.

Boxes Don’t Have To Go In Your Home

One tip that can radically change your experience of your home is to store the seasonal items somewhere outside the home. This could be a shed in the backyard or a storage facility in your area. For example, if you’re located in Singapore, you might be attempting to find a self storage space in Singapore. Most of the time, this process involves paying a monthly fee to keep your items in a locked unit that you can access. 

Transport Smart

Just like you want to be cognizant of how you’re filling boxes so that you use your space wisely, you also need to be careful with how you stack items in your vehicle if you’re transporting them outside your home. Again, start with the big items, and fill in gaps with the smaller items. It’s really important that you also put heavier items on the bottom as heavier items on top can lead to broken things.


Wherever you’re keeping your boxes of out-of-season items, you want to take careful steps to ensure that all boxes and bags are properly sealed and that pests don’t have access to your belongings. Critters like mice and moths can damage items and leave everything smelling rank. Take proper precautions to ensure that you don’t open your boxes next season to find a pile of mouse poop and thousands of little mouse babies.

The above tips should help you better store your seasonal items. If you live in an area where flooding or intense humidity is common, you also want to guard against that by storing things in waterproof containers.

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