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The NFL’s quest for global reach

The NFL is unlike many other sports leagues in the rest of the world. Instead of just being a facilitator for sports to happen, the NFL is its own separate company with its own profits to make. This in turn means that it needs to constantly expand to be able to increase their profits

There’s just one problem: the market in the USA and North America is incredibly saturated. More than half of the entire US population watch the Super Bowl every year. In simple terms this means that Americans that watch the NFL are going to continue to do so, and those without an interest are more than likely going to continue not care about the sport. 

So the NFL has had to get creative in order to be able to grow. With the NFL season just around the corner and more and more people both in Singapore and the rest of the world are looking forward to the kick off of the new season and are looking at the nfl schedule week 2 and onwards.

A global market means more revenue 

As we discussed earlier, an expanded market for the NFL means more money. More viewers on the actual games being played means more money for the rights to show the game and more ad revenue. The rest of the world is slowly but surely starting to pick up an interest in the league. With games usually being played at two different time slots most of the world are able to follow at least one of the games every week.

Ways of expanding  

One way of expanding is simply bringing the games to where the potential market is. The NFL has already started hosting two games every season in London to help draw in spectators both in Britain and the rest of Europe. This has been a massive success and the NFL continues to push hard for more viewership in Europe. Social media is also being utilized to its full potential with highlights and advertisements for the league being commonplace on places such as Instagram. 

Betting is also one way that the NFL draws in new viewership without having to lift a finger on their end. Betting is becoming more and more prevalent in traditional sports, and even Esports has started to see its fair share of betting opportunities. Betting on the NFL is bringing new viewers from across the world as most bookmakers worldwide allows betting on the NFL. 

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