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F1 Night Race 2022: Twelve Years of Lights and Racing in the Lion City by DZ Engineering SRL

After a two-year hiatus, Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix has returned with a bang. This time, as part of the festivities leading up to the event, DZ Engineering SRL, a subsidiary of Dino Zoli Group owned and led by Dino, Monica, and Marco Zoli, shines brighter than ever with F1 Circus: 12 Years of Lights and Racing in the Lion City.

Held from 28 September to 3 October 2022 at The Arts House, The F1 Circus is a photographic exhibition organised in tandem with the returning Grand Prix in celebration of 12 years of lighting up the exciting motorsport event in Singapore; an event also officially part of the Grand Prix Season Singapore 2022 (GPSS 2022).

Photo credit by: Flavio Mazzi Credit by: DZ Engineering

“For Italy, culture and engineering technology come together. This is a proud moment for us to have had so many events in the lead-up to F1 to be centred on or connected to Italy, whether at Singapore Design Week or to tell the story of how an Italian company connects to modern art and F1,” says Ambassador of Italy to Singapore Mario Andrea Vattani. “In these pictures – I am reminded of how art and speed and motors and futurism, these are so important to us. F1 goes beyond racing, where it represents how all these brands have come together to make a night race possible, alongside achieving the goal of achieving a sustainable future for F1.”

F1 Circus lends inspiration from continental circuses – the professionals, transport and other support vehicles, and motorhomes placed adjacent to the racing circuits of motor sports events, such as Formula 1, which follow or precede the drivers in the various places where the competitions take place. Likewise, the Formula 1 Grand Prix has always brought exciting seasonal festivities with it. Here in Singapore, F1 Circus exhibition is set to retell the dazzling story of the first night-time event in all of Formula 1’s history, establishing itself as an important periodical component of Singapore’s culture and lifestyle.

Historically significant, this photographic exhibition reveals the evolution of Formula 1 in Singapore and is curated by Nadia Stefanel for the Dino Zoli Foundation. She has also worked on past cultural events for Motorsports in Singapore. In partnership with the Foundation, DZ Engineering has also presented various shows related to the Motorsport industry since 2017 to bridge the sport and art in the backdrop of the city’s own rich culture.

Photo credit by: Flavio Mazzi And credit by: DZ Engineering

This time round, the Dino Zoli Foundation has chosen to feature the work of Italian photographer Flavio Mazzi, who has become, over four decades, one of the most accomplished photographers in the world of Formula 1. His archive of images includes over 450 Formula 1 Grand Prix competitions, team launches, ranging from private factory glimpses, exclusive VIP F1 events to several other racing highlights. “This marks the third time we’re doing an exhibition at the Arts House, and we’re happy and proud to present yet another cultural event during race week. We couldn’t have imagined any other theme for the event, to commemorate F1’s history and how it’s a core part of Singapore’s own culture and lifestyle since its first edition in 2008,” says Nadia Stefanel.

“With 160 photos, it really captures the captivating moments of the first night race in F1 history, and we selected them to showcase the outstanding instances during F1, as well as the event grounds, with more intimate, detailed shots of the complex environment that goes into it, and even the flag marshals and track workers,” says Nadia Stefanel. “There’s a proper understanding of these subjects, and you can feel the energy and emotion as you immerse yourself in the stories and images and sounds of the race in Singapore.”

Photo credit by: Flavio Mazzi Credit by: DZ Engineering

Since the debut of FIA Formula 1 World Championship 14 years ago in Singapore, DZ Engineering, with its innovative installation system, has brought perfect homogenous lighting for two crucial aspects of the show: the safety of the drivers and the spectators as well as ensuring high-definition television footage for an unforgettable show. The first night-time event in Formula 1 history in 2008 was record-breaking for the brand, as the world saw Singapore’s stunning skyline as the backdrop of the first race held at the new Marina Bay Street Circuit.

DZ Engineering has lit up the atmosphere of race cars and changed the game for watching motorsports ever since its debut. F1 Circus exhibition is a culmination of their enthralling efforts over the years, bringing attendees the opportunity to be immersed in the iconic atmosphere of race cars through vibrant photos that tell the thrills and story of the Race Night in Singapore.

Image credit: DZ Engineering And credit by: DZ Engineering

“This exhibition shows our continued commitment and connection between business and art and creativity and design, and motorsports,” says Monica Zoli, CEO DZ Engineering. “My own father had a passion for motorsport and art, and that has passed down to me. I am happy that we have had 12 years of F1 here in Singapore, and happy to be a part of this event once again.”

“After taking flight back to Italy in 2016, I never imagined it would be so long before I’d be back in the lion city. Since then we’ve seen F1 head to Hanoi and Riyadh, and now, back in Singapore,” says Roberto Grilli, General Manager of DZ Engineering. “Even though F1 Grand Prix Singapore has been on hold for two years, DZ Engineering has never really taken a break and we have continued working in different fields, honing our knowledge of Motorsports events around the World.”

Twelve Years of Lights and Racing in the Lion City runs from 28th September to 3rd October 2022 at The Arts House, 10am to 10pm. It will then move to the Italian Embassy in Singapore, from 5th October to 31st October 2022. More information about DZ Engineering here

Singapore Grand Prix: Singapore F1 – Formula 1 Night Race 2022 runs from 30th September to 2nd October 2022. Tickets and more information available here

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