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The Interview with SRT’s Romeo and Juliet


In their 9th edition of Shakespeare in the  Park, Singapore Repertory Theatre presents the timeless tragedy of star crossed lovers: Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet is a personal favourite play for its producers, and also felt that it was probably the most relatable and familiar play for most audiences. In particular, they fondly recall Baz Luhrman’s film introducing millions to Shakespeare’s amazing story telling.

Also, we managed to grab the stars of SRT’s upcoming production for a couple of questions, check it out!

(insert promo photo, captions for Cheryl and Thomas)

BCM: Hi Cheryl! We were wondering how you’re prepping for your role as the leading lady.

CT: I’ve taken classes in university that dealt with reading and performing Shakespeare, but this will be my very first time doing it professionally. And it’s such an iconic role, so it’s quite terrifying for me actually!

I haven’t gotten into rehearsals yet, so how I feel is all very theoretical right now. But I think it’s going to be very liberating to play this person who, with very little doubt or hesitation, throws herself completely into honouring her heart’s desires. Someone who isn’t afraid of society’s rules or standards, or even of death. I don’t condone her behaviour at all in real life, but I do envy her and Romeo’s total willingness to just put it all on the line. It’s a courage I don’t think we really allow ourselves to possess, but I get to do it on stage next month. So I feel very grateful.

BCM: Thomas, what about you?

TP: I feel that my responsibility is not to treat Romeo, or Romeo and Juliet for that matter, like some kind of monolith. Its impact on culture is undeniable, but at the core, if you can succeed in making people believe in a very simple story they’ve heard their entire lives, if you can get an audience to wish it ended another way, then you’ve done magic! What that boils down to is the diligence to create a living breathing character, not a statue enshrined in English literature. The magic happens when the audience believes what you do. And how do I feel about taking on such a big audience? I’m very very excited and in awe of the opportunity.

BCM: Now we’re totally hyped up to catch SRT’s Romeo and Juliet.

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Romeo and Juliet

Previews: from 27th April 2016, Performances: 30th April to 22nd May 2016

Prices: From $40 (student and group concessions available)

Venue: Fort Canning Park

Contact SISTIC at 6348 5555 or

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