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Food Hunting: Shrimp Mama @ East Coast Lagoon

ii-eastcoastfoodvillageThe other day, we decided to get some food at one of our favourite hawker centres: East Coast Lagoon Food Village. We found comfort in Shrimp Mama (#01-47), a new stall that opened just shy of two months that specialises in seafood with a twist – using Indian spices to flavour them. Going at just $8.90 for a small portion, it’s a steal compared to the more well known places which also do seafood ‘in a bag’.  In each serving, freshly cooked seafood is marinated in a sauce in a plastic bag, allowing the essence and flavour to fully seep into the food.


We went with the medium sized serving, which came with 2 pratas, and their signature Mama sauce, a sweat inducing blend of Indian spices. Initially, we wanted the spiciness marked with 2 chilis, but were quickly warned against it and went with one chili instead. The recommendation was right, and we ended up feeling the heat in our mouths as we chowed down on the big juicy prawns and fleshy mussels served. And yes, we enjoyed it so much we polished it off within fifteen minutes. For those less inclined towards spicy tastes, there’s also a cheese sauce option, which is something we’d love to try the next time we pop by. We definitely recommend checking them out, because this is some quality seafood right here.


You can connect with Shrimp Mama on Facebook HERE 


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