Coconut water’s been all the rage recently, and in our humid weather, it’s the number one solution to quenching our thirst. With coconut water providing the much needed boost of electrolytes and natural sugars, it’s the best way to quench that insatiable thirst.

That was exactly how we felt after checking out the various events around Bras Basah and Bugis for the Singapore Night Festival, we were understandably thirsty and wanted something other than alcohol. So naturally we headed down to the Festival Village, and discovered Husk at the corner. It was a Godsend!


Husk specialises in coconut products, particularly their signature coconut ice cream. But make no mistake, this is no ordinary coconut ice-cream; it comes in a soft serve! We got ourselves a cup to try, and were surprised at how light, yet satisfying it was.

Speaking to co-founder and ideas man Jeffrey, we found out that each serving contains only 100 calories, and the concoction is purely made from coconut, with the majority of it being coconut water, and a fraction being coconut milk. In a sense then, it’s not so much ice-cream as frozen coconut, which Husk have handily dubbed ‘froco’. The soft serve can either be bought plain, or with a selection of nuts (at the festival, the only topping they were selling was their special granola mix).  Apparently the final product was in development for the past two years, getting the texture and taste just right before launching it on the market.



Husk also sells coconut water, which is obtained from young coconuts. The coconuts are sourced from Thailand, which are supposed to be sweeter due to the soil conditions. The water is frozen and imported to Singapore, whereupon it is re-liquefied and sold. We had a taste of it, and it’s by far one of the freshest, most authentic coconut waters we’ve had. Call us impressed.

Husk is set to open a permanent store in October, at Plaza Singapura, which we’re looking forward to visiting. We’re definitely rooting for this business, which we hope will continue to grow and spread the good food around. We think it’s a very genuine business with a lot of heart, and has a winning formula for being one of the top retailers of coconut products.

Check out their Instagram and Facebook, and watch their (and this) space for more news to come! Meanwhile, they’ll be open at the Singapore Night Festival 2016 Festival Village at SMU Green, just opposite the National Museum, so if you want a taste, head on down!

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