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Preview: Family by The Second Breakfast Company


The Second Breakfast Company (abbreviated as 2BCo) will be presenting their debut production this Week: a staging of Malaysian writer Leow Puay Tin’s Family, also marking the play’s 20th anniversary. Fun fact: Leow Puay Tin starred as the first Emily in Stella Kon’s timeless monologue Emily of Emerald Hill in its Malaysian premiere!


Family will be directed by 2BCo artistic director Adeeb Fazah and is supported by the National Arts Council Matchbox Grant  and the National Youth Council YoungChangeMakers (YCM) Grant. The epic play follows the story of unwilling matriarch Mrs Yang as she single-handedly brings up her family after migrating to Singapore. She transforms from a young woman into a ferocious commander, fighting for her empire and household, all the while growing older, as the audience watches the family grow over multiple generations.


2BCo aims to revive old classics such as Family to remind Singaporeans of local plays that have been left out of the spotlight the past few years, and hopes to inspire Singaporean writers to keep telling stories of their own, and to bring a wider offering of local works to the stage. We believe in their cause, and having seen a production of Family years ago, can attest that this is one play that while old, has still managed to age well, and will strike a chord with anyone’s memories of growing up, or bringing up a family. Be sure to check them out!

2Family plays at Centre 42, 42 Waterloo Street from 13-16 October. Tickets available from SISTIC.

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