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[#KERBis4] Celebrating 4 Years of KERB


London’s leading food market popup KERB turned 4 yesterday! We went down to the celebration at the West Handyside Canopy, just behind KERB King’s Cross’ usual location at Granary Square.

The party was absolutely packed when we got there, with tons of people and a brass band blaring out covers of pop songs, along with fairgames for (drunk) people to participate in.

Of course, KERB has always been about the food, and to celebrate, the well curated selection of stalls set up were all offering dishes at the wallet-friendly price of 4 pounds! We’ve had a taste of some of their signature dishes at various other food markets, and can attest to how delicious they are! Take a look at the operators who came down to celebrate below:


We started off the night with some tasty crispy pork quesadillas with green salsa, pickled red onions, jalapeños and a special mozzarella and maple mustard mayo from Killa Dilla. We were practically salivating at the sigh of that crunchy looking pork crackling, which really whet our appetites for the night!


Next up we visited Capish for their signature pork and beef meatballs, topped with provolone cheese sauce. Although deceptively simple and not particularly awe-inspiring to look at, the meatballs were were juicy and filling and went really well with the sauce.


And for the main course of the night…we visited Poke and got their creative new dish. It’s not their standard poke served with rice, but instead, a huge serving of fried wantons that came with a healthy dollop of yuzu salmon with mayo and greens. It’s surprisingly filling, and as always, Poke uses really fresh ingredients that made this a real highlight.


We also stopped by one of the pop-up bars for drinks, and got ourselves a Birthday Cake Spritz (left)  and a very strong Rum and Plum Shrub (Appleton rum, plum and Apple reduction, citrus and soda). The birthday spritz surprised us – it contained frangelico, Prosecco, lime and mint, and the frangelico gave it a cake-y aftertaste too.


Finally, what meal isn’t complete without dessert? We decided to get the baked Alaskan from the folks at Blu Top Ice-cream with a tart raspberry shortcake ice-cream and toasted marshmallow swirl on top, served on a chewy hazelnut chocolate chip cookie – a sweet end to the night.


All in all, a really great night out and a testament to KERB’s success and the KERB name. Once again, Happy 4th Birthday to KERB and to many more glorious, tasty years ahead!

For more information on where you can find KERB, check out their website at

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